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Your new puppy

So you’ve got a new furry bundle of fun coming home! Here’s everything you need to know to give them the best start in life.

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Black Labrador puppy chewing box

How to house train your puppy

Owning a puppy is a full-time job. As a new puppy parent, you’re responsible for all their needs including feeding,…

20 July, 2020

Puppy with a bone wearing a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

How to stop your puppy biting

Most puppies go through a biting stage in their first few months – it’s completely normal – but puppies who…

17 July, 2020

Puppy wearing a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

How much should my puppy weigh?

You’ve got a new puppy, and you’re excited to have them home. When it comes to their health, their weight…

10 July, 2020

Golden coloured puppy wearing a harness and a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

Things to check before buying a puppy

So, you’ve made the decision to welcome a pint-sized bundle of fur and fun into your home – but before…

08 June, 2020

Cockapoo sticking out it's tongue

Case study: PitPat and my puppy

Case study: PitPat and my puppy Hi I’m Sophie and this is my dog Sunny, she’s a crazy Cockapoo with…

02 June, 2020

Border Collie puppy sat in woods

Socialising your puppy during social distancing

If you obtained a puppy before or even during lock down, it is important that you find ways to socialise…

01 May, 2020

Black Labrador puppy asleep on bed

Is my puppy sleeping too much?

Ever wondered if your puppy is sleeping too much? The answer, in most cases, is probably not. Puppies tend to…

21 April, 2020

Golden Labrador smiling at camera wearing a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

Taking your puppy on their first walk

Your puppy’s first walk is a great adventure and it’s the start of an activity that you will enjoy together…

17 April, 2020

puppy sat in front of a mirror

Introducing your puppy into your home

The day has finally arrived, you are bringing your new puppy home!  It’s a really exciting time but it can…

16 April, 2020

Brown puppy in a garden

Puppy teething: your survival guide

Just like humans, puppies go through teething as they lose their baby teeth to make way for their adult teeth….

15 April, 2020