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Which breed is best?

Which dog breed is the friendliest, the fastest or the furriest? Whether you’re thinking about getting a dog or just want to see where your favourite breed ranks, you’ve come to the pawfect place.

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Border Collie in the forest

How much exercise does a Border Collie need?

Border Collies were originally bred to herd sheep – they had to be able to manage long days on the…

25 November, 2020

Beagle wearing a harness

How much exercise does my Beagle need?

Beagles are cheerful, affectionate dogs who love to spend time with their humans.  They were originally bred as scent hounds…

20 November, 2020

Terrier mix sat in a field

Everything you need to know about mixed breed dogs

Breed. It’s everything and nothing in the world of dogs. We use breed to describe our dog’s personality, to judge…

17 November, 2020

Long coated Chihuahua stood outside in the wind

The best small dog breeds

They may be little, but they’ve sure got big personalities. And their personalities are as varied as their appearances. From…

08 October, 2020

black dog wearing a PitPat

Top 10 dog breeds that don’t need grooming

Fancy a dog, but not interested in spending money at the groomers or hours brushing them at home? You need…

14 September, 2020

Shiba Inu wearing a PitPat

Top 10 low maintenance dog breeds

Owning a dog is a big responsibility – they need regular walking, feeding, grooming, healthcare, training, and plenty of love…

19 August, 2020

Blonde Cockapoo wearing a PitPat

Top 10 most popular crossbreed dogs

Dog breeds are constantly changing, but the past few years have seen a new phenomenon in the rise of crossbreeds…

30 July, 2020

Two Black Labradors in a field

Best large dog breeds

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to choosing your new best friend, there isn’t a one…

27 July, 2020

Mixed breed dog

Best medium sized dog breeds

Not too big and not too small – medium sized dogs are pawfect for all sorts of people. These medium…

17 July, 2020

Border Collie sitting up in front of shrubbery

Top 10 most intelligent dog breeds

How smart is your dog? If they are one of the breeds in this list, the chances are that they…

02 July, 2020