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West Highland White Terrier wearing a PitPat

Can you get a Dog GPS Tracker with no subscription?

Being able to find your dog when they run off, just by tapping a button – sounds like a dream,…

03 May, 2022

Hungarian vizsla running

Top 10 escape artist dog breeds

Some dogs stick to their owners and their home like glue. Others love to escape, take themselves on adventures and…

29 April, 2022

Cockapoo running in field

Can dogs find their way home?

We’ve all heard those tales of dogs lost miles from home, only to turn up on the doorstep days later….

29 April, 2022

Border Collie peeking over a wall

How to stop your dog from escaping the garden

For some dogs, figuring out how to escape their garden is a full-time occupation. You block one exit route, but…

11 April, 2022

Border Collie running wearing a PitPat

Why do dogs run away?

Losing your dog can be one of the most terrifying experiences you can go through as a pet parent. Knowing…

11 April, 2022

Pomeranian running in field

What to do if you lose your dog

Losing your dog is every pet parent’s worst nightmare. One moment they’re in sight, the next moment they’ve disappeared. In…

07 April, 2022

How much exercise does my Rottweiler need?

How much exercise does a Rottweiler need? Rottweilers may look imposing but they’re extremely loving and loyal dogs who want…

03 February, 2022

When will my Labrador calm down?

At what age will my Labrador calm down? Labradors are wonderful dogs with happy and loving personalities. They also have…

31 January, 2022

How much exercise does an Afghan Hound need?

Afghan Hounds are athletic dogs who bond closely with their owners and love attention. They can be shy and are…

28 January, 2022


How much exercise does a Springador need?

Springadors are dogs with one Labrador parent and one Springer Spaniel parent – both high energy, working breeds who need…

24 January, 2022