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Feeding your dog

Does your dog scoff their food or scoff at it? We’re here with dog friendly recipes, advice on feeding your pooch and much more.

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senior dog eating a treat

Can dogs eat human food?

Whether your dog is the type of pup who gets their own Sunday roast or occasional scraps from the table,…

25 August, 2021

Honey the Poochoon puppy

Case study: Balancing a busy lifestyle and a healthy dog

Hi there PitPat, my name is Jazmine. I’m a full-time mum to both humans, and my dog Honey, a 6-month-old…

18 August, 2021

What is ‘Ash’ in dog food?

You may have read the title of this article and now be thinking “What? My dog’s eating ash every day?”…

11 June, 2021

tan puppy sitting indoors with pitpat on collar

Best dog treats for training

When training your pup, we all know that they need that little incentive in the form of something enjoyable. So…

06 June, 2021

Vizsla wearing a PitPat with their tongue out

Raw food diets for dogs: the pros and cons

Raw food diets are the biggest trend sweeping the world of dog nutrition at the moment. And it’s no surprise,…

03 June, 2021

border collie eating from a bowl

Grain-free dog food: the pros and cons

We all want the best for our dogs, right? And since food is one of the key ways we keep…

02 June, 2021

Husky sat looking upwards

How many calories does my dog need?

Making sure your dog gets the right amount of food is important. Too much and they could be at risk…

23 October, 2020

Mixed breed dog licking it's lips

Dog enrichment games and activities

Here at PitPat we’re the biggest advocates of getting outside and exercising your dog, but what happens when you get…

10 September, 2020

Man holding paw of white dog

What should I feed my dog?

There was once a time when feeding your dog was as simple as grabbing a handful of dried dog food…

11 June, 2020

Spaniel running through crop field

What can’t dogs eat?

We all know not to feed our dogs chocolate and grapes, but this is still one of the most frequently…

30 August, 2018