Get Started

Here’s our four-step guide to getting started with PitPat.

PitPat is really simple and easy to set up and once you get going, you won’t know how you lived without it!

Step One

  Search for the free PitPat app on The App store or Google Play store and install it.   Simple, right?!

Get started enter your dogs details

Step Two

Follow the in-app instructions and enter all of you doggy details.   It’s important to enter all the details like age and weight correctly so PitPat can accuratly read and detect your dog’s activity levels and calories burnt.   Tip: Don’t know your dog’s weight? Our advice is to stand on your scales while holding your pooch (if you can) then subtract your weight from the total.

Step Three

Get you tailored fitness goal!   When asked by the app, pop the PitPat on your dog’s collar or harness and you’re ready to go have fun! Walk, run or play for at least 10 mins to get going towards your goal.   Tip: Distract your pooch with a toy while you go and get their lead then hold the lead behind your back while you whisper to the family that you’re going for a ‘W.A.L.K’. Finally, pop the lead on you pooch and witness their excitment as they emBARK on their first PitPat adventure!

Get your stats screenshot

Step Four

Get your stats!   Click the PitPat icon in the top right of the app menu, turn on your Bluetooth and select ‘Fetch data’. Then simply press the orange paw on your PitPat to retrieve your stats!   How did you get on? Don’t forget to share your adventures with the rest of The Pack – follow and tag @pitpatpet on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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