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Your new puppy

So you’ve got a new furry bundle of fun coming home! Here’s everything you need to know to give them the best start in life.

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Young fluffy puppy outside

Importing puppies and dogs to the UK: what you need to know

Since the UK went into lockdown in March 2020 demand for puppies has soared and stayed high. This demand means…

15 January, 2021

Cockapoo sitting

Grooming your puppy

Grooming your puppy is an essential part of their routine, and whether you take your pup to a professional or…

23 December, 2020

black and white dog running in forest

Surviving puppy adolescence

Your puppy is an angel. They’ve learnt all their tricks, they have perfect recall, and they love to snuggle with…

22 December, 2020

brown puppy standing on railing wearing a pitpat

Puppy socialisation and habituation

The experiences that your puppy has whilst they are young will stay with them for the rest of their life….

21 December, 2020

Brown puppy wearing a PitPat

Buying a puppy during lockdown

Updated on the 21st of December 2020. Please consult your local government guidance for the most up to date information….

21 December, 2020

Light brown puppy wearing a harness and a PitPat

What vaccinations does my puppy need?

Having your puppy vaccinated is one of the most important things that you can do for their health. Ensuring your…

21 August, 2020

Black Labrador puppy chewing box

How to house train your puppy

Owning a puppy is a full-time job. As a new puppy parent, you’re responsible for all their needs including feeding,…

20 July, 2020

Puppy with a bone

How to stop your puppy biting

Most puppies go through a biting stage in their first few months – it’s completely normal – but puppies who…

17 July, 2020

Puppy wearing a PitPat

How much should my puppy weigh?

You’ve got a new puppy, and you’re excited to have them home. When it comes to their health, their weight,…

10 July, 2020

Golden coloured puppy wearing a harness

Things to check before buying a puppy

So, you’ve made the decision to welcome a pint-sized bundle of fur and fun into your home – but before…

08 June, 2020