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Super small. Ultra light. Suits every dog. Big or small. 60mm in length and just 30g in weight
Long battery life. Easy wireless recharge.
Unlimited range. Even 1000s of miles.
One dog, two owners? No problem.
Extra strong VELCRO Brand Strap. Fits on any collar or harness
Red PitPat Dog GPS Tracker
Black PitPat Dog GPS Tracker
Blue PitPat Dog GPS Tracker
Pink PitPat Dog GPS Tracker
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PitPat Dog GPS Tracker


Track your dog’s location, activity, weight and more with no subscription needed.

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FREE UK delivery by TOMORROW
if you order within 13 hours 55 minutes

No-quibble 42 day FREE returns.

No subscription?

That’s right. Most Dog GPS Trackers will surprise you with a subscription of up to £12 a month. If you don’t pay, your tracker stops working.


There’s no monthly subscription to pay. Find your dog whenever you want, and never pay us another penny.

Where will PitPat GPS work?

PitPat GPS uses its factory-installed SIM to connect to our cloud via the latest LTE-M and NB-IoT mobile networks (we pay for the data). We have coverage across the UK (and some other countries), and it’s growing all the time.

Map of the United Kingdom showing the PitPat coverage for their GPS device

How does PitPat GPS work?

What’s in the box?

The PitPat app

The PitPat app

The PitPat app

It’s all here. Your dog on a live map.

Don't like maps?

Don’t like maps?

Our Dog Finder points the way.

Keep your dog fit

Keep your dog fit

See activity, distance, calories…

Watching their weight?

Watching their weight?

Track progress towards ideal.

Food too

Food too

Get perfect portion control.

Just want to have fun?

Just want to have fun?

We got you.

The PitPat app

Map with dog's live location in the PitPat app

It’s all here. Your dog on a live map.

Our Dog Finder points the way.

See activity, distance, calories…

Track progress towards ideal.

Get perfect portion control.

We got you.

Try for 42 days

We mean it. Put PitPat GPS to the test.

If you’re not happy with it for any reason, we’ll give you all your money back, including return shipping!

Just complete this simple online form within 42 days of receiving it.

Still got questions?

What do dog parents think?



Provided you live in the UK or the USA, almost certainly “yes” but in some cases “it depends”. Read on to find out why…

PitPat GPS determines your dog’s location by listening to satellite signals that are detectable out-of-doors anywhere in the world (the G in GPS is Global). Provided your dog is not indoors or under very dense cover, their PitPat should be able to receive the satellite signals and work out your dog’s location from them. It’s just like navigating by the stars, but with satellites. So far, so good.

HOWEVER, your PitPat then needs to transmit the location information back to us at PitPat HQ so that we can send it via the internet to your phone and you can see your dog on the map in our app. To do that, your PitPat uses ground-based mobile technologies called LTE-M and NB-IoT. These special networks are run by mobile/cellular operators, and your PitPat can use either of them automatically, depending on which signal is better at the time.

Between them, these two networks have good coverage, but just like your phone’s network, there can be small areas of poor signal where your PitPat may struggle to send information to us. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you in advance where those areas might be, because mobile/cellular operators are improving their networks all the time.

Don’t forget that if PitPat GPS doesn’t work for you, you can return it for a full refund anytime up to 42 days. Please use this form to request a refund if you’re based in the UK, or email [email protected] if you’re based in the USA. We’ll even send you a pre-paid returns label so it won’t cost you a thing!

PitPat GPS Tracker connects directly to mobile/cellular networks (at no charge to you) rather than using short-range wireless like Bluetooth or WiFi. That means that as long as your dog is within a coverage area anywhere in a supported country, and your phone has a connection to the internet anywhere in the world (either mobile data or WiFi), you can be as far away from your dog as you like (100s or 1000s of miles even) and still track them live on a map.

No – not at all. Here’s why…

PitPat GPS actually has its own mobile connection straight back to our servers, completely independent of your phone. It uses special networks that are run by the major mobile operators to support the “Internet of Things”, and so it communicates directly with us at PitPat HQ without involving your phone at all. From there, our servers talk back to your phone over your normal mobile data or WiFi internet connection.

That means that it makes no difference what network your phone is on for it to work with PitPat GPS, any more than it matters what network your phone is on for it to work with Facebook, Instagram or any of the other many apps you might use when you’re out and about.

This is also why we talk about “unlimited range”. Since your PitPat GPS never communicates directly with your phone, the two devices can be as far apart as you like, just like when you make a phone call to another mobile phone.

Yes, but not necessarily everywhere at present.

PitPat GPS Dog Tracker relies on the advanced Internet of Things (IoT) communication technologies that are being deployed internationally by mobile network operators like Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, AT&T and many others. 

Your PitPat device will track your dog and report their location to us when they are in any country where there is IoT coverage and where we have roaming agreements in place to allow you to use your PitPat device (at no charge to you). As of January 2023, this includes:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • USA

That means yes, you can track your dog if they are in any of the above countries.

Please note though that even in these countries, just like in your home country, coverage is not necessarily universal. There will be places (often more rural or wild locations) where no coverage is available and you won’t be able to track your dog when they are in those places.

Also, the network and coverage that your PitPat GPS device itself requires to connect back to us at PitPat HQ is different from the network and coverage that your own smartphone uses to connect to the internet. You are responsible for making sure that your phone can connect to the internet as normal while you are roaming, and for any charges that your own network operator makes for your phone’s data usage.

Of course! 

Provided your dog would normally be trackable (in other words, they’re out on a walk where there is network coverage in your home country), you’ll be able to see them on the map in our app no matter where you and your phone are in the world (as long as your phone also has a mobile or WiFi data connection of course).

(Just like normal though, you won’t be able to see or track them if they are indoors.)

Yes, almost certainly.

We’ve designed PitPat GPS to find dogs in the places they go, and that includes woods and wooded areas. It is possible that in the very densest of woods, there may be some degradation of the mobile signal, and if the coverage happened also to be poor to begin with it might make it harder to track your dog. But in general, you certainly should be able to find your dog if they go running off into the woods, which is great peace-of-mind for lots of our customers.

Batteries and charging

Much like your mobile phone, the battery life on your device depends on how much it is being used, so it’s hard to give a precise figure.

With normal use, most people will have a battery life of weeks instead of days, thanks to our clever tech designed to reduce power consumption.

PitPat GPS uses a lithium rechargeable battery. It’s just like the one in your phone, but smaller. To help make PitPat GPS dog trackers tough and 100% waterproof, the battery is sealed in and can’t be removed or replaced. There are more details about the batteries in all our products on

Yes, and it’s easy too, thanks to wireless charging.

When the PitPat app tells you your battery is getting low, simply pop your device on the wireless charger that comes in the box. When all four paw pads are lit up, it’s fully charged!

Don’t forget to keep your dog’s PitPat well out of their reach whilst it’s charging, and make sure you pop it back securely onto their collar when it’s done.



Yes! Once you ask the app to ‘Find my dog now’ in the location tab, you’ll be able to track your dog’s location live with updates every 10 seconds.

Yes! In fact, we’ve made it a bit better.

Now, not only can you track all your dog’s activity by type, you’ll get data down to the minute, rather than every five minutes, so it’s much more precise.

Plus you don’t need to press the paw to fetch data with a PitPat GPS. Your dog’s data will automatically upload every ten minutes or so, so you can check how they’re doing throughout the day, even when you aren’t with them.

You certainly can!  Your phone performs its own location calculations, and automatically displays your location as a blue dot on the same map we use to show your dog’s location in orange.

With your permission, yes.

We know dogs often have more than one parent! The PitPat app lets you “share” your dog with other people in your family, letting them see and do on their phones exactly the same things that you can see and do on yours. So for example, if your dog gets lost, the whole family can track them on a map. Anyone you share your dog with can also see their activity, the badges they’ve won, and everything else about them.

On the other hand, we take your privacy very seriously. Unless you give explicit permission for your dog’s information to be shared with others, no-one else can ever see where they are or anything else about them.

Yes! If your dog is a member of PitPat LIFE their walks will be saved automatically whenever you tap ‘Start a walk’ in our app, and you’ll get detailed walk-specific statistics too.

At present, it does not. Although many people love the theory of being instantly alerted if their dog leaves a defined area, in practice it’s very hard for any tracker to deliver that feature in a way that works well enough to be really useful. Here’s why:
Battery life: To be able to alert you quickly enough, your dog’s tracker would need to be live-tracking them all the time.  This is extremely expensive on battery, and would need you to be recharging your tracker at least every day, if not more often.
Accuracy: GPS tracking accuracy is limited by the satellite technology. Whilst it can often be as good as a 2-5 meters, it’s sometimes not so accurate. The result is the very likely possibility either of constant false alarms, or the need to set a “geo-fence” that’s much larger than your actual garden or other area you want the dog to stay in (or out of).
Of course, other dog trackers do advertise geo-fencing as a feature, but we’ve tried them out, and for above reasons we’d advise you to be sceptical about the performance of that feature if it’s something you’re really looking for.
Although there are trackers that provide this feature, our view is that for most dogs – especially if they’re lost or afraid – a sudden disembodied voice or loud beep coming from their collar is generally more likely to distress them rather than help you get them back.
We’ve tested the trackers that can make a noise ourselves, but they just don’t deliver the kind of experience we want to give our customers. For this reason, PitPat GPS does not currently have this feature.
Having a light on your dog’s collar is a great idea – especially in winter or after dark – and some trackers on the market have this feature. But to be bright enough to be useful, a light has to use quite a bit of power, and that’s just not available in a small, lightweight device intended to stay on your dog’s collar all the time. That’s the reason that built-in lights on GPS trackers are usually very dim (sometimes just a glowing LED – we know because we’ve tested them), and it’s why we haven’t included this feature in PitPat GPS.
If you want a light on your dog’s collar, there are some great brands of super-bright light, and as dog-lovers ourselves we recommend you get one of those (as well as a PitPat GPS, of course!).

Size and robustness

The PitPat Dog GPS Tracker weighs just 30g and measures 60mm x 34mm x 18mm in size.

That’s small and light enough that most dogs won’t even notice it.

Completely! PitPat GPS is designed to IP67 specifications, which means that you do not need to take it off when your dog goes swimming – even diving into the sea or hydrotherapy.


No. The PitPat Dog GPS Tracker is completely subscription-free, and there are no hidden fees either.

Once you’ve bought your PitPat GPS, there is nothing more to pay to be able to find your dog whenever you need to.

If you decide to, you can join our exclusive club PitPat LIFE, to access VIP rewards and unlock certain features in the app, but this is completely optional.

PitPat GPS contains an embedded SIM inserted by us during manufacturing. That SIM allows it to connect to a mobile network and send us your dog’s location and activity information.

We have commercial arrangements with major network operators that allow us to do this without any charge being passed on to you. You do not need to put in your own SIM or pay any data charges for your PitPat’s mobile connection. It’s completely free to use.


Our “no subscription” model is not an introductory offer or “first year free” promotion. Once you’ve bought a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker, you will be able to find your dog if they get lost for as long as you own the device, year after year. We will not charge you for that service for as long as you’re using it.

No! You don’t need to buy any sim cards or pay any additional subscriptions or fees to use PitPat GPS.

Just buy the device and you’re good to go. No fees.

Absolutely not. 

When we say “no subscription”, we mean it. If you travel with your PitPat Dog GPS Tracker to a supported country, there will be nothing more to pay for it to track your dog and send their location back to us at PitPat HQ, just like when you are at home.

Do please note though, that your own smartphone will also require data service for you to use our app to see where your dog is, and that your own mobile operator may (or may not) charge you for that data whilst you are roaming away from home.

PitPat LIFE™ is our optional club for dogs.

In exchange for a small monthly fee, dogs in our club can earn Points for reaching goals and claim Prizes from our Prize store. Their owners get Perks, including extended warranty, free replacement straps and other discounts, some extra features in our app, and the right to use our Video Vet service at no extra charge.

It’s a great scheme but membership is not required to be able to locate your dog for free for as long as you own your PitPat Dog GPS Tracker.

Other questions

PitPat Dog GPS Tracker is currently available to buy if you live in either the UK or in the USA. 

We’re sorry, but we cannot ship to addresses in any other country, nor can we currently offer technical support, free returns or other services in other countries.

If you want to take your PitPat GPS to any other country (temporarily or permanently) you are free to do so, but please see our other FAQ to find out whether it will work there.

Yes! Switching is easy.

Just tap on your dog’s picture to go to their profile and choose the option to ‘Replace attached PitPat’.

Once you’ve completed those steps you can remove your dog’s old PitPat and their new PitPat GPS will pick up where they left off.

Your PitPat Dog GPS Tracker calculates your dog’s location by listening to the signals from satellites orbiting 12,000 miles above the earth. The satellites move around the sky so that more or fewer of them might be “visible” at any one time. Satellite visibility can also be affected by buildings or other dense cover, and sometimes by severe weather.

Under normal conditions, your PitPat can use the satellite signals it receives to calculate your dog’s position to within just a few metres, and sometimes even better than that! It’ll certainly always get you close enough to your dog that you’ll be able to see them or call to them.  And remember, once you start tracking your dog, their location will be updated live every 10 seconds, so you’re always on top of where they’re moving to.

(We use an orange circle on the map to show your dog’s location. Your dog will be normally be somewhere inside that circle. The size of the circle reflects how confident we are about the accuracy. A smaller, tighter circle means we’re more confident about where your dog is.)

We love our feline friends, but we are a canine company and PitPat GPS has been designed specifically for dogs.