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Top tips to prevent dog theft

PitPat and identibase join forces to raise awareness of dog theft.

PitPat, the UK’s favourite pet wearables company, and identibase, one of the UK’s largest and longest-running pet microchipping databases, are…

10 March, 2023

PitPat em-barks on CES 2022 to launch a revolutionary GPS tracker for dogs

Booth 54929, Venetian Expo PitPat, the UK’s leading pet wellness brand, is flying the British flag for innovation as it…

20 December, 2021

Dogs Trust Logo

PitPat and Dogs Trust collaborate to help the UK’s dogs

PitPat and Dogs Trust have come together to help educate the nation’s dog lovers on what their canine companions need…

20 October, 2020

FirstVet video appointments with PitPat Life

The UK’s leading activity tracker for dogs which logs exercise, activities, and weight management, has been helping pet owners care…

01 October, 2020

Dalmatian wearing a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor lying on a sofa.

PitPat reveals Coronavirus lockdown has prompted unexpected ‘playtime’ increase for Britain’s dogs

New data shows our dogs are getting more exercise than before As households across the UK adjust to the new…

03 April, 2020

Britain’s dogs deserve a playrise!

Play performs a vital role in a dog’s development from teaching them social skills to helping them learn about the…

08 March, 2018

Owners blow hot and cold about walkies when weather turns

Weather patterns have a marked influence on the amount of walkies a dog gets, according to pet technology company Pitpatpet…

21 December, 2017

PitPat Pack burn off the equivalent of 1 million Big Macs!

UK pet-tech company PitPat are taking the lead when it comes to tackling dog obesity. Their dog activity monitor is…

10 October, 2017

Co-op Pet Insurance partners with PitPat to help tackle pet obesity

Co-op Insurance has partnered with PitPat to offer new policy holders a free ‘doggy Fitbit’, a wearable activity monitor for dogs….

24 April, 2017

Investment from Neovia and RSA – Pet telematics goes mainstream as industry leaders invest in PitPat

Pet telematics goes mainstream as industry leaders invest in PitPat Two giants in the pet care industry, Neovia and Royal…

31 January, 2017