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PitPat Insurance

Protect the best relationship you’ll ever have

PitPat Shield


Our most complete policy

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Lifetime cover

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£10,000 max vet fees/year

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No excess*

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Includes 24×7 video vet

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Rewards for good dog owners


Our low-price alternative

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Lifetime cover

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£4,000 max vet fees/year

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Excess applies*

No frills, just the basics

Uncomplicated dog insurance

Super quick quoting, clear documentation and straightforward claims all in the palm of your hand.

PitPat insurance
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Pay no excess

Excesses suck. Other insurers make you pay an excess, but with PitPat CARE, provided you exercise your dog regularly*, we’ll pay your veterinary fee excess if you ever need to claim.

*We’ll waive all your contributions to vets’ fees on any claim where your dog earned 500 or more PitPat Points in the previous calendar month. This includes both your excess and co-insurance. If you cannot achieve that or have purchased SHARE, then the standard level of excess and co-insurance will be applied as defined in your schedule.

Call the video vet

PitPat CARE includes free-of-charge access to a super-friendly UK-registered video vet any time of the day or night. Just download the FirstVet app and make sure you select “PitPat” when asked. (T&Cs apply)

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Good honest cover

PitPat Insurance is good, honest, cover by the people who know your dog best.

One simple choice between two products. CARE that offers £10K in veterinary fees and SHARE that offers £4K.

We got you.

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Rewards for walkies

Whether you’re already part of our VIP club or not, you’ll get your PitPat LIFE™ membership included whilst you have a PitPat CARE policy, making you part of a club of incredibly exclusive pet parents.

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Get a quote in two taps

Hate those long application forms you have to fill out just to get a quote? Us too!

Because we know your dog already, you can get a quote in only two taps in the PitPat app, leaving you with more time to spend with your pup.