What our customers think

We love hearing from our customers, and we get lots of unsolicited positive feedback from happy members of our “pack” and their dogs. We hear from people on Facebook, Instagram and Amazon, via our friendly customer support helpline, and face-to-face at the many shows and events we attend every year. Here are just a few of the things people have said about PitPat…

Very accurate
Karen on Facebook23 May 2019
Sawyer was bought his first pitpat 1 in 2017. Today I fitted his new Pitpat 2. We love them. You manually change the excerise time up or down to fully suit your dog and their medical needs. Other advantages: Easy to use with a great laid out app that even none app savvy folk can use. Works via Bluetooth so no WiFi no problem. It’s very accurate we have really put that to test. It’s fully waterproof sawyer swims in rivers and sea regually. No monthly outlay. Any problems the customer service is outstanding and reply within 24hours. Nope its not a GPS but we use it as a fitness monitor so it doesn’t need to be for us. As sawyer gets older his walking increases and running decreases it’s great to show your vet when they ask about excersise and how they are coping. I love them and will continue to patpat my boy daily or weekly if I forget.
Cute product
Niamh Bonar on Amazon13 May 2019
Such a thing these days for us humans to have our steps and distances measured- its nice to have one for the dog too! Full of motivational comments and rewards when goals are met. Works to get me out too to ensure he has reached his target!
Brilliant customer service
Amee on Facebook12 May 2019
I love having pit pats on my three girls and the customer service has been brilliant from the moment I called to enquire up to today when I met some faces behind the product! Was very refreshing to be remembered Personally and to have our situation sorted out so quickly. Keep up the good work! We love it! (Fern, Lola and Tara’s mummy)
Lazy dog
Nicky on Facebook12 May 2019
We love it. Great gadget. Looks good too. Had no idea just how lazy our Harley is.
Customer on Amazon07 May 2019
Just brilliant fascinating stuff to compare the two dogs.
Treat yourself and your dog
Leon on Amazon6 May 2019
This is brilliant, it does everything it says it will, my dog goes to daycare so it has been useful to see exactly how active or inactive he is.
Inspires you to hit targets
Roger on Facebook4 May 2019
Love this device. Easy to use and just attaches to my dog’s collar. A bit like human fit bits, inspires you to hit targets by exercising your dog. All goes towards healthy pets and avoiding obesity.
Brilliant device
Tortylover on Amazon3 April 2019
Fantastic piece of kit. Really easy to use and set up and such fun to see how far my dog has been and how many calories he’s burnt.
Slightly addictive 🙂
Michelle on Facebook3 April 2019
I have 7 springers and I love comparing their data. And it becomes slightly addictive x
Can’t thank them enough
Emily on Facebook22 March 2019
Absolutely love PitPat! Been wanting one for a while so took the plunge 2 weeks ago and treated my schnauzer. Had a week of fun where I was obsessively checking how active he’d been until I left his collar on the sofa. Came down and the PitPat was in the middle of the floor chewed up. Couldn’t believe how careless I’d been! An sos to customer services asking/begging if it could be fixed somewhere and a photo provided and next thing I knew they had popped a new one in the post to us! Unbelievable seeing as it was my error. I can’t thank them enough, it’s a brill device and we are well on our way to getting fitter and healthier because of it. New one arrived today. I won’t be so careless this time and Freddy is exhausted from trying it out this afternoon. Thanks so much- so easy to use, customer service is fab and it’s the best tracker out there!
Interesting gadget
Pasty on Amazon20 March 2019
Downloaded app easily. Fit tightly on collars – have one on each spaniel & they survive bushes & swimming without dropping off. Surprising to see what mileage the dogs cover in a day – not so sure on accuracy but gives you a rough idea of exercise done – nothing too scientific – just for interests sake!
Five stars from us
Clare on Facebook15 March 2019
I bought the pitpat2 back in September for my Labrador. It is really interesting how much further they go when you are out walking, I love uploading his results when we get back. My boy loves to go for a swim, I find it hard to keep him out of the water, you don’t have to worry about removing this beforehand. I recently had a small issue with mine and contacted the customer service team for help. They have been awesome, very quick and helpful. 5 ⭐️from us.
Great for all dogs would defo recommend
Zoe M on Amazon11 March 2019
Love this. Great way to ensure my puppy I getting the right amount of exercise and rest. Easy to use. My dog is small and this is fine on his collar doesn’t seem to notice it so would recommend for all dog sizes
Matches every harness and collar
Louise on Facebook9 March 2019
We Love PitPat as it makes sure that you exercise enough and that you also play enough. And the cool thing is it matches every harness and collar….which is mega important if you have a princess as your companion x
MarvinoTheDinosaur on Amazon2 February 2019
Bought this on black Friday for my dog! It is great, has survived many trips to the park and vigorous playing! I love being able to see how active my dog is during the day and it’s fun to see the activity spikes when she gets excited about something! Would recommend for any dog owner!
We’re A Part of the PitPat Pack
Samantha Keppler on Amazon3 February 2019
I was a little skeptical when I first purchased this, as I wasn’t sure if it would live up to the hype. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The PitPat gives a daily target based on details that you give about your dog, tracks any weight concerns that you might have, and – especially important – is tough enough to handle any environment.
Love it!
Tanya on Amazon29 January 2019
Much cheaper than buying a fitbit for myself and I’m more interested in what the dog does than what I do. Trying to get him to his daily goal makes me exercise more and I can also tell what he gets up to when I go out as it tracks even small movements.
100% recommend – every dog owner should have one
mh340 on Amazon8 January 2019
I use this product to keep track of my dogs activity – I think of it like his equivalent of a Fitbit! It’s fanstastic. Really interesting to see what he does when home alone (mostly sleeping!) and also to see which walks are the most beneficial to get him running and playing. I’ve also worked out who his best friends are based on how much he plays and runs while we are out with some dogs compared to others. Would 100% recommend. Great way to monitor your dogs activity and keep you on track keeping them fit.
Freebie from my insurance
Dark on Facebook5 January 2019
I was lucky enough to get a freebie via my pet insurance. I was a bit sceptical, but delighted i went ahead. The first series has loads of features including suggested times, calories lost, sleeping/rest, pottering, walking, playing & running. My dog millie has doggy day care and does dog agility. So not only is important that I see how much exercise she gets and is needed, but equally important she doesn’t do too much. I’ve now invested in the pit pat 2 which has added distance travelled, is now fully waterproof and a more easier to access to the battery which last for over a year. It not only keeps my dog fit and healthy but keeps me healthy and active too. We love trying to complete our daily and monthly goals. A fantastic lightweight device that fits easily via a velcro strap on your dogs collar. I simply cannot recommend it enough… awesome
Great Little Device
Mrs C on Amazon4 January 2019
I got this for my 4 year old pup who is still super energetic. It’s so interesting to see how far he moves in a day and how long he’s spent running / walking / playing. I also like that you can see when he’s been restless and find it really interesting considering I always thought he spent all night sleeping! Would definitely recommend.
Brilliant piece of kit
M. Kelly on Amazon18 October 2018
My Springer is all over the place with it, Bushes, Canals, ponds and any field you care to name. Up and down mountains. Works every time.
Fun accessory
Mrs N. O. Flux-Edmonds on Amazon16 September 2018
Great fun, because you do more things with your dog to ensure he achieves his goal. Also can compare with friends dog. Easy connection once you can catch your dog lol! His vet was also impressed with it!
So Easy to Use
Heather on Amazon24 August 2018
My dog has been diagnosed with epilepsy and is about 8kg overweight so when I saw a vet on TV recommending a dog version of an exercise tracker I was very interested. I always look how many good reviews an item has and the PitPat had loads and was nearly half the price of some others. It arrived very quickly and I did intend to wait until my daughter came round to set it all up but I was so excited to get going that I thought I would try and do it myself. I have never downloaded an App before and quite often get in a pickle trying to reply to a text but I managed it all by myself! It was so easy to do I was astonished and very proud of myself. After bed time walkies I log in and see if Humphrey has got his gold star for the day – he’s only missed out once in three weeks. I like the way it gives you walking, running and playing times as well as calories used and distance covered. My dog has already lost 2kg and doesn’t even know he’s being monitored. I would definitely recommend the PitPat to other dog owners.
Great product to see your dogs daily activity
SteveB on Amazon11 August 2018
I owned the first version of the product, and decided to do an upgrade. It’s worth checking on their website as I found out that they offer a discount to owners of the devices and give you a post paid envelope to return your old device back to them for recycling. Really pleased with it, and the app works great and shares the data between users, so my wife and I can both record our dogs activity. It’s an improvement on the first version as it seems to record our dogs activity better. Really pleased with it, and the app works great and shares the data between users, so my wife and I can both record our dogs activity. It’s an improvement on the first version as it seems to record our dogs activity better. They’ve also changed the overall package to be slightly smaller than the original, and the battery is much easier to replace. They’ve also changed the overall package to be slightly smaller than the original, and the battery is much easier to replace.
How far does your dog go?
Dennis Night on Amazon2 August 2018
I walk the dog on the beach every day and wondered how far he travels on his walks, we normally go areound 3 miles but after getting this I can see he can cover 3 times that per walk! its crazy how far dogs go off the lead!
Fast delivery to New Zealand
Shiree on Facebook12 July 2018
I absolutely love the new pit pats – I have them on several of my dogs. I also run a pet care business and use them on my furry clients that are on weight loss programs 🙂 Super fast delivery to New Zealand as well, I ordered 4 at 09:37pm NZ time Fri 6th July and they were in my letterbox Thurs 12th July am
Got my dad one too
Megan on Facebook27 June 2018
Got my PitPat at dogfest and I absolutely love it. Got my dad one for his dog for Father’s Day and we both compare whether we have met the targets. Would definitely recommend to anybody with a dog. AMAZING
Trial though our insurance
Debi on Facebook21 June 2018
Excellent product we were given two as part of a trial through our insurance company and they have been a brilliant insight as to the activities of Ted and Tiggy we’ve found the addition of distance on the pitpat2 particularly useful. Keep up the great work to all of you at pitpat!
Great to see mileage and activity done by my four pawed pet
Fiona Ellis on Amazon7 June 2018
Wonderful to see the mileage my furry companion does compared to me on an off lead walk – actually helped in finding out our dog walker (I broke my leg) wasn’t walking her properly too!
Good for agility dogs
Ila the Toller on Google1 June 2018
We absolutely LOVE our PitPat 2! The new design is sleek and so secure, it’s easy to sync up to the app which is also so easy to use. A great way to monitor Ila’s exercise and an interesting insight into how she spends her day. It is especially useful for building up Ila’s fitness as an agility dog. We recommend it to everyone.
Grooming salon
Diane on Google1 May 2018
Sula and I are having lots of fun seeing just how much activity she gets everyday I’ve always walked my dogs that’s my “hobby” just as they need to walk so do I after a noisy busy day in my grooming salon but now I can see just how much exercise she’s getting with the PitPat Loving it ❤️xxxx
PitPat to Perfection!
DesertRoseKM on Amazon23 April 2018
This is a great little gadget! It’s so much fun keeping track of how much exercise my dog gets, and also to make sure that she gets enough rest too! It’s easy to set up and use and you can compare data from day-to-day to make sure that you’re dog is achieving their goals. It’s really well made. It feels solid and the fact that it’s water resistant is a bonus as we go out walking come rain or shine! The soft Velcro is also a good feature as it doesn’t snag on our dog’s fur or cause any matting of her fur. The size and weight of the PitPat is ideal too as it doesn’t get in her’s way at all.
Check if dog is slowing down
Graham on Google1 April 2018
PitPat has been brilliant. My 11 year old Retriever has always had plenty of exercise but now I can check if he is slowing down on our walks. Great product and I understand some companies are now giving them away with pet insurance
If you have a dog then you need a PitPat
Beth on Facebook31 March 2018
Me and my black Labrador Harvey might just be the worlds biggest PitPat fans… We have had the pleasure of owning our PitPat 2 for a few months now and we’re never seen out without it. As Harvey was previously an overweight dog tipping the scales at 37kg, being aware of his excercise levels is just as important as keeping an eye on what’s in his bowl. He’s now down to a healthy 28kg and a large part of that is with a helping paw from PitPat. Even now with his weight loss we’re still addicted to checking our stats and seeing just how much we’ve been up to throughout our week, comparing our goals with our fellow dog pals and trying to beat each others targets! If you have a dog then you need a PitPat, it’s that simple!
Paws up from my Westie
Customer on Amazon15 February 2018
I received this pitpat as a gift but would happily pay for one. My westie loves it when I go to sync her pitpat and either I shower her with praise or I go for the toy box since she needs a little more activity. I love the breakdown of activity – my little one is such a potterer! And some days she’s hit her goal just through play which makes me feel happy. I can monitor her health and happiness through such a simple and easy to use device. I definitely recommend this product, it’s value for money and the customer service team are so lovely.
Interest from the dog training club
Kate on Facebook31 January 2018
I got our PitPat through my dog insurance policy, and now I wouldn’t be without it. It’s BRILLIANT! The information it provides me with about my dog’s activity levels is fantastic, and there has been much interest in it from people at my dog training club. If it hadn’t been for the free one with the insurance policy I’m not sure I would have got one, but now I won’t be without, and will buy ones for other people’s dogs! Great work, great product. Well done PitPatPet!