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Case study: PitPat and my puppy

Hi I’m Sophie and this is my dog Sunny, she’s a crazy Cockapoo with boundless energy and a genuine love for all creatures great and small. Sunny is probably one of the luckiest pups you’ll ever meet because she’s one of the PitPat office dogs. 

Sunny has been with me at PitPat HQ since she was 12 weeks old and ever since she’s received endless attention and affection from the rest of the team. This lucky pup has free reign of the entire office and the PitPat garden, so as you can imagine she spends her days travelling from desk to desk soliciting belly-rubs from her adoring fans!

Blonde Cockapoo wearing a PitPat

Sunny gets a PitPat

On her first day at PitPat HQ, my pup was ceremoniously presented with a PitPat dog activity monitor and strutted around the office while we all took endless pictures. Before I’d entered Sunny’s age, weight and breed into the PitPat app I knew her exercise goal would be 15mins per day – the app adds 5 mins for every month of age until a dog reaches adulthood. 

After her first day in the office I downloaded her stats and was a little shocked to see that she’d massively exceeded her goal and had actually done 75mins! 

Until I joined PitPat I had no idea about the implications of over-exercising puppies – particularly the conditions that can affect dogs in later life. I knew I needed to quickly establish some rules for Sunny’s time both at home and at the office to make sure she didn’t over do it!

Establishing a puppy routine

Establishing a routine with Sunny really helped to manage her activity levels throughout the day. Both in the office and at home, we decided on times when Sunny would be given less attention and encouraged to go into her crate and rest. 

Training and playtime also count as exercise for dogs so I made sure to keep a close eye on her exercise and play levels in the PitPat app and kept training sessions short and sweet. 

Cockapoo pulling a toy with a Golden Retriever

PitPat is pawfect for every life stage

Sunny is now 3 years old (21 in dog years) and as a young adult dog her PitPat exercise goal has automatically increased to match her size and incredible enthusiasm for chasing tennis balls!

I’m biased of course, but PitPat has really given me the reassurance that Sunny gets the right amount of exercise. I’m so glad we didn’t put her little joints under excessive pressure when she was a puppy. It’s also great to know when Sunny reaches her twilight years that PitPat will intuitively and gradually reduce her exercise goal to ensure she lives a happy and healthy life in doggy retirement.

Sunny continues to charm colleagues, friends and family with her non-stop tail wagging, excited squeaking and endless fluffy cuddles.

Sophie and Sunny