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Careers at PitPat

We’re PitPat – possibly the biggest consumer electronics company in Cambridge you didn’t know existed.

Based in the heart of central Cambridge’s “tech zone” near the station, we design, manufacture and sell smart wearable devices, develop and support a brilliant smartphone app and cloud system, and offer a range of other products and services, all under our own brand and in partnership with others.

Still not heard of us? If you’re a dog owner you have. That’s right – we do all the things those other wearable device makers do (and more), but for dogs! And since there are over 10 million pet dogs in the UK alone, and over 100 million worldwide, it’s big business.

We do most things “in-house” which means we’re a wonderfully diverse team.  We’re software, hardware and devops engineers, QA and test analysts, manufacturing experts, marketing, business and sales experts, veterinary experts, user-experience and product designers, operations and fulfilment specialists, customer support hounds, product, project and programme managers, finance gurus, dog-lovers and more (some of us even have cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs…).

It’s an exciting market, and as the UK’s leader we’re growing fast, which means we’re always on the lookout for really special new people to join our teams. We need people who are smart and get things done, people who want to make a real difference in our market, and people who have the talent, initiative and sheer get-up-and-bark to do it.

If all that sounds good, take a look at what it’s like in our three main areas of work:

Technical & Product

Marketing & Sales

Operations & Support