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PitPat Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about pets, we care about people and we care about the planet.

Here’s what we’re doing for the future of all three…


Happy, healthy and safe pets is what PitPat is all about and we want to go even further to help man’s best friend.

Our vision goes beyond traditional pet care to inform, inspire and support pet parents to make better, more individual choices, that improve the lives of not only their pets, but all pets. 

The question ‘how will this improve the lives of our pets?’ informs every decision we make. Which is why we’re taking on one of the biggest and most underrepresented causes affecting dogs in the UK. 

Over 50% of dogs in the UK are overweight or obese. It is one of the biggest welfare issues affecting our beloved pooches and it’s been that way for over a decade! Despite this, it struggles to get the attention it deserves and this is what it needs to achieve vital change.

We’re taking on the fight to end dog obesity; to raise awareness and educate pet parents on the warning signs and often unexpected consequences of this totally preventable problem. 


Pet parents

Pet parenting – just like child parenting – can be wonderful, messy and perhaps, stressful at times. But of course it is also incredibly rewarding and special. 

Our team are pet parents too, so we appreciate the huge responsibility to do the right thing for your dog. 

PitPat not only helps keep our pets healthy and safe – but helps pet parents feel happy and confident. This is because they’re covered for the unexpected and supported to care for their dog without relying on guesswork.

PitPat people

Our employees are at the heart of PitPat and we are committed to an inclusive, safe and inspiring experience for all our PitPat people.

At PitPat, all voices are valued equally and we have taken conscious steps to make PitPat a safe space for free speech and expression. Our founders have instilled this culture in the business from Day 1- and it continues to be a big part of who we are and how we operate. 

A workspace that supports easy collaboration, sparks amazing and innovative ideas and ensures the comfort and safety of our people and our office dogs will always be a huge priority.

We have taken great care in creating PitPat HQ – making it a home from home and a place you can always go for a doggy snuggle. We’ve achieved this by investing in our dog-friendly landscaped garden with BBQ and Tiki Bar, redesigned kitchen spaces and endless complimentary snacks to fuel the team. Plus much more!

We are particularly focused on the well-being of our people and continue to prioritise initiatives (including mental health first aiders) to support good mental health. This is and always will be a top priority for PitPat. 


Improving the lives of pets (and their owners) is futile if we don’t have a planet to thrive on. 

We’ve already made lots of little operational changes to the way we do business at PitPat HQ. These include closely managing and responsibly disposing of our office waste, encouraging greener ways to travel through our cycle-to-work scheme and carpooling, and strategies to reduce our energy consumption.


We’ve focused on the sustainability of our products and supply chain. Our PitPat Food is lovingly made by Josera, a family-owned industry leader in sustainability. This means PitPat food is made in a fully carbon-neutral factory from sustainable ingredients. None of our food is ever wasted as any surplus stock goes to our local hedgehog hospital.

We’ve redesigned our device packaging to make it fully recyclable and we’re busy improving the packaging for the rest of our family of products.

Reducing our environmental impact is something that is really important to all of us at PitPat so we’ve laid out our future steps to protect the planet in a sustainability roadmap.