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PitPat for retailers

We’ve designed PitPat from the ground up using the perspective of our customer, making it appealing to buy and simple to use not just for technology enthusiasts, but for every single dog-lover. Dog owners love PitPat. But we know that designing great products is only half the story…

A retail-friendly proposition.

We also understand the importance of reaching the customer, offering excellent customer-care, and the benefits that a high-quality retail experience both in-store and online can bring. Based on our experience working with large retail brands, we’ve designed the PitPat device to be retailer-friendly, but our advantages for retailers go far beyond that.

Rewarding customer-loyalty.

We go out of our way to be good to our loyal customers and we know you do too. PitPat Life in particular — our dog-owners’ club — is perfectly positioned as an adjunct to your existing (or new) loyalty scheme, and is tuned and perfected specifically for dog-owners. We can help you to better understand, reach out to and connect with your most enthusiastic advocates, and to reward them for being great dog-owners. In a very competitive environment, if you’re looking for ways to win dog-owners’ on-going custom, we should be talking with you.

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