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Exercising your dog

Keeping fit with your dog is so much fun! Find out everything you need to know about exercising your dog, from swimming to agility and more.

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How much exercise does my Poodle need?

Poodles are known for their intelligence, elegance and friendly nature. The breed comes in three sizes, Standard, Miniature and Toy,…

23 May, 2023

Two labradors sitting in flowers wearing PitPat Dog Activity Monitors

Springtime safety tips for dogs

What’s not to love about spring? The days are getting longer and brighter, the weather is getting warmer, and the…

06 April, 2023

Cockapoo running in field wearing a black PitPat Dog GPS Tracker

The best dog breeds to go running with

Ever wondered if your dog might be the next Mo Farah? Well, it’s time to find out. Lots of dogs…

06 April, 2023

Siberian Husky sat on rock in a field

Case Study: Building fitness after being rescued

Found on the streets of a university campus in Seoul, South Korea, Juno had no tag or microchip. Yongin Rescue…

26 July, 2022

How much exercise does my Rottweiler need?

How much exercise does a Rottweiler need? Rottweilers may look imposing but they’re extremely loving and loyal dogs who want…

03 February, 2022

How much exercise does an Afghan Hound need?

Afghan Hounds are athletic dogs who bond closely with their owners and love attention. They can be shy and are…

28 January, 2022

Springador laying on a hay bale wearing a blue collar and a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

How much exercise does a Springador need?

Springadors are dogs with one Labrador parent and one Springer Spaniel parent – both high energy, working breeds who need…

24 January, 2022

English Setter outside with owner

How much exercise does an English Setter need?

Setters by nature are affectionate and sensitive, making them one of the friendliest breeds around. Whether it’s a dog or…

07 January, 2022

Bullmastiff puppy close up indoors

How much exercise does a Bullmastiff need?

Bullmastiffs are the gentle giants of the canine world. These guys are a low-maintenance, protective, and affectionate bunch. Even fully…

21 December, 2021

Dalmatian sat on sofa wearing a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

How much exercise does a Dalmatian need?

Whether you’ve got one or 101 Dalmatians at home, making sure they get the right amount of exercise is critical…

21 December, 2021