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Case studies

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Tiptoe the Lurcher

Case study: Finding Tiptoe in dense woodland

Tiptoe is a 2-year-old Lurcher. Her love in life is to run free and cuddle upside down on the sofa….

28 February, 2023

Cocke Spaniel wearing a PitPat GPS

Hall of Fame: Meet Hayley and Fern

Fern is an assistance dog, trained especially to assist a little boy with Autism. When things get tough, and Fern’s…

15 September, 2022

Two light brown terriers

Hall of Fame: Meet Louise, Weasel and Ferret

Weasel and Ferret are two well-behaved country boys, who love nothing more than a wander through the woods or a…

15 September, 2022

Goldan Labrador wearing PitPat GPS

Hall of Fame: Meet Keiran and Bailey

Human lives can get complicated, and for Bailey the Labrador it means that he splits his time between his pup-mum…

15 September, 2022

Siberian Husky sat on rock in a field

Case Study: Building fitness after being rescued

Found on the streets of a university campus in Seoul, South Korea, Juno had no tag or microchip. Yongin Rescue…

26 July, 2022

Duck Toller Retriever puppy

Case study: Juggling medication with lifestyle

Tolly’s Story Tolly joined our family in December 2018, a perfectly normal (mad) Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who we…

26 July, 2022

Case Study: Struggles with an underweight dog

Hi! My name is Helen Morris and I am an active 60 year old grandma who loves running, being outdoors…

26 July, 2022

Border Collie

Case Study: Recovering from an injury

I’m Gill, and this is my 10-year-old border collie, Bryn. Bryn loves to run. We’re lucky to live in the…

26 July, 2022

Cockapoo running in a field

Case Study: Using PitPat to monitor seizures

Disclaimer: Using a PitPat does not replace the need for a vet – please always consult your vet if you…

26 July, 2022

Senior Golden Retriever in park

Case study: Keeping a senior dog healthy

Hi PitPat, my name is Francesca. I’m a Canine Hydrotherapist, a K9 Nation ambassador, and a proud pet parent to…

04 November, 2021