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You and your dog

Ever wondered why dogs bark? Want to know how to stop your puppy from nipping?

We’ve got the answers to all your pawrenting questions below…

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Cocker Spaniel on a bench

How to have a dog-friendly picnic

Having your lunch al fresco is a British summer tradition and an opportunity to get the family together for some…

03 July, 2020

Border Collie sitting up

Top 10 most intelligent dog breeds

How smart is your dog? If they are one of the breeds in this list, the chances are that they…

02 July, 2020

Woman with dalmatian

Preparing your dog for life after lockdown

Lockdown is slowly being lifted, with hospitality businesses opening and people heading back to work. And whilst we all adjust…

02 July, 2020

Yellow Labrador carrying a ball

Best dog breeds for first time owners

If you’re thinking about becoming a dog owner, the chances are you already have an idea of the kind of…

02 July, 2020

Spaniel on a beach

Best dog friendly beaches in the UK

Taking your dog to the beach is a great experience. You’ll love watching them play on the sand, dip their…

02 July, 2020

The 10 most friendly dog breeds

There is a reason we refer to dogs as being man’s best friend; they are caring animals who love to…

02 July, 2020

dog licking man

Best dog breeds for older people

Dogs make wonderful companions however old you are, and growing older is no reason not to discover the joy of…

02 July, 2020

oxer running along sand at beach

Taking your dog to the beach: our top tips

There’s nothing quite like a trip to the seaside. The fresh salty air, cool sea and golden sands make it…

01 July, 2020

Cocker Spaniel on a walk

Best dog friendly holidays in the UK 2020

After spending months on lockdown it’s no wonder that the nations pet owners are ready for a holiday – and,…

01 July, 2020

10 best dog breeds for city living

City life often means apartment living, and you might think this would make owning a dog difficult.  While it is…

22 June, 2020