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PitPat GPS Tracker transparent bg

Dog GPS Tracker

Activity Monitor with shadow

Dog Activity Monitor

PitPat Life Feature PitPat
Fully-featured activity monitoring
Calorie tracking
Accurate feeding recommendations
Weight management
100% waterproof
100% adventure-proof
Integrates with our free app
Small, light, fits all collars
Real-time GPS location tracking
Automatic activity data updates
Wireless charging
Choice of 5 eye-catching colours

From £149

PitPat GPS Tracker transparent bg

Dog GPS Tracker

PitPat Life Feature
Fully-featured activity monitoring
Calorie tracking
Accurate feeding recommendations
Weight management
100% waterproof
100% adventure-proof
Integrates with our free app
Small, light, fits all collars
Real-time GPS location tracking
Automatic activity data updates
Wireless charging
Choice of 5 eye-catching colours

From £149


Activity Monitor with shadow

Dog Activity Monitor

PitPat Feature
Fully-featured activity monitoring
Calorie tracking
Accurate feeding recommendations
Weight management
100% waterproof
100% adventure-proof
Integrates with our free app
Small, light, fits all collars
Real-time GPS location tracking
Automatic activity data updates
Wireless charging
Choice of 5 eye-catching colours


Dog GPS Tracker

Dog Activity Monitor

Dog GPS Tracker


You can buy a PitPat GPS Tracker on our website and we will ship it to the UK, and the US.

If you prefer, you can also buy a PitPat GPS Tracker on Amazon in the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Poland and Holland.

Yes – it really is. We’ve designed PitPat GPS Tracker to be super-easy to set up and use for everyone, everyday. You don’t need any special technical knowledge or know how. Just download our app onto your Apple or Android smartphone and follow the instructions on your screen.

We offer two different devices: PitPat GPS Tracker and PitPat Activity Monitor.

PitPat GPS Tracker is our latest and top model. It tracks your dog’s location on a map and ALSO does EVERYTHING that PitPat Activity Monitor does. That means that if you buy PitPat GPS Tracker, you’ll be able to find your dog and you’ll also be getting all our great activity monitoring (exercise, distance, calories and more) included as well.

PitPat Activity Monitor is our simpler version that gives you all our detailed activity monitoring including exercise, distance, calories and more, but does NOT include GPS tracking, so you won’t be able to see where your dog is.

Both our trackers also let your dog earn goal streaks and badges, and our app lets you monitor their weight, buy our insurance and join our loyalty club no matter which of our two devices you have.

It’s really up to you and what you need for your dog.

Our top model is PitPat GPS Tracker. If you want to track your dog’s location and get everything else as well – get PitPat GPS Tracker. It’s the one with everything.

If you just want activity monitoring with no location tracking (perhaps because you never let your dog off their lead), PitPat Activity Monitor is a great choice.

Our GPS Tracker is the perfect choice. Although it includes full activity monitoring as well, you don’t have to use those features and can ignore everything except where your dog is on our super-clear map on its own separate page in our app.

You certainly can. Just following the instructions to swap over your tracker and you’ll pick up where you left off with all your data, badges and everything else intact.

We hope you’ll love your PitPat GPS Tracker, but if not, you can return it within 42 days for any reason at all (even if you’ve used it for real and it’s scratched/worn).

We even make it super-easy to send it back, and we’ll refund all your money including shipping so you’re not a penny out-of-pocket. Here are the full details of our return policy.


No matter where you buy it, your PitPat GPS Tracker will work the same as it does at home in many countries around the world (see the complete list). You can travel abroad with your dog and know that you’ll be able to track them when you’re away just like you can at home. You don’t have to do anything to enable this and there are never any extra (“roaming”) charges to pay. It just works seamlessly.

Your PitPat device will track your dog and report their location to us when they are in any country where there is IoT coverage and where we have roaming agreements in place to allow you to use your PitPat device (at no charge to you). As of June 2024, this includes:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • USA

Yes. To track your dog, both your phone and your PitPat GPS must have mobile coverage (and bear in mind that they could be using different networks).

You won’t be able to track your dog while you or your dog are temporarily outside a mobile coverage area, but any live-tracking session will automatically resume as soon as you both have coverage again. Meanwhile, provided that at least you have coverage, you can see your dog’s last known position.

Coverage is excellent in most of the countries that PitPat GPS works in. Just like with your phone, it does depend on precisely where you are though, so you can check in advance with our coverage checker.

Yes it does!

Provided there is underlying mobile (cellular) coverage in the particular region you’re in, PitPat GPS Tracker works well in wooded areas and very well in hilly areas. It’s possible that in the densest of woods, there may be some degradation, especially if coverage was marginal to begin with. But in general you should be able to track your dog, even if they go running into a wooded area.

Also, the network and coverage that your PitPat GPS device itself requires to connect back to us at PitPat HQ is different from the network and coverage that your own smartphone uses to connect to the internet. You are responsible for making sure that your phone can connect to the internet as normal while you are roaming, and for any charges that your own network operator makes for your phone’s data usage.

Sorry, but no.

Sadly, mobile (cellular) and GPS radio signals don’t penetrate the ground very well, so no GPS tracker will be able to reliably locate your dog if they go underground. However, if you’re currently live-tracking your dog with PitPat GPS Tracker when they go underground, you’ll be able to see their last known location before the signal was lost.

PitPat GPS is intended for when you and your dog are in the great outdoors together rather than for tracking them at home. The long-range satellite signals PitPat GPS uses don’t penetrate indoors well, so sadly you can’t use it to track your dog in your (or anyone else’s) house or if they’re in daycare/kennels.

We have commercial arrangements with a number of network providers in each country, so your PitPat GPS Tracker will roam seamlessly (and at no cost to you) between networks to find the best coverage. That means we can’t tell you what particular network it’s using or will use at any time, but you can easily see the current signal strength in our app.

PitPat GPS uses long-range mobile (cellular) phone networks to communicate (not short-range Bluetooth). That means that provided your PitPat GPS is in coverage, you can track your dog from as far away as you like, even from another country! Unlike other trackers, you don’t have to be “close” to your dog to receive their signals.

Phone compatibility

Yes – all the features of our simple and intuitive app work equally on both Apple and Android phones. Makes no difference to us!

Yes – if your Apple or Android phone is five or fewer years old, it almost certainly will. Here’s a full compatibility statement, but remember you can always buy PitPat GPS Tracker and try it. If it doesn’t work, our satisfaction guarantee means you can send it back for a full refund including shipping, even if you’ve used it for up to 42 days.

Not at all. PitPat GPS Tracker works entirely independently of your phone so it does not matter what network your phone uses, as long as your phone has coverage when you’re trying to track your dog.


No. There is no need for your phone to support 5G nor for there to be 5G coverage in your area for PitPat GPS Tracker to work.

Sorry – no. Our app is designed for you to use when you’re “out and about” with your dog on a walk, so although it works on both Apple and Android smartphones, we don’t support it on either tablets or computers. We don’t offer access to our services via the web.

Batteries and charging

PitPat GPS has a long-life rechargeable Li-ion battery permanently sealed inside it. This is so that it can be completely waterproof, dog-tough and as small and light as possible.

It’s hard to say exactly, but your battery should last at least several days between charges, and in areas of good coverage may last several weeks.

It really does depend on how good the signal is in your area (poor coverage means your PitPat GPS Tracker has to “shout” which drains the battery much more quickly), and on how often you live-track your dog (live-tracking uses much more power).

PitPat GPS Tracker recharges wirelessly on the charging pad included in the box. That means there are no exposed electrical connectors or fiddly “doors” to open.

Just plug the pad into any USB socket (a phone charger for example), take your PitPat GPS Tracker off your dog’s collar, remove the strap and put it on the pad. It takes up to five hours to fully-charge a completely drained battery.


You can check the battery percentage of your PitPat GPS Tracker at any time from inside our app. You’ll also get a pop-up notification on your phone when your PitPat GPS Tracker is in need of charging.

Whilst it’s being charged, the four orange lights on your PitPat GPS Tracker will progressively light up, and you can also check the battery percentage from inside our app. It takes up to five hours to fully-charge a completely drained battery.

Yes – PitPat GPS comes with batteries sealed inside and charging pad included. You don’t need to provide anything else, other than an ordinary USB socket to plug the included charging pad into. If you’ve got an existing phone charger, you’re all set. Or you can plug it into a laptop, your car if it has a USB socket, or some kinds of mains socket, etc.

We’re confident that PitPat GPS Tracker will give you many years of service, but as everyone knows, rechargeable batteries do have an inherently-limited lifespan. In common with lots of similar products like earphones and other trackers, we seal the battery into your PitPat to make it lighter, tougher and completely waterproof. That means the battery can’t be replaced by you or by us, and you may want to consider returning your tracker to us for recycling before buying a replacement.

Size, weight and robustness

PitPat GPS is less than 60mm (2.4″) long and weighs just 30g (1.1oz), which means your dog probably won’t even notice it.

We know dog owners are very concerned about the size of anything they attach to their dog’s collar, so we’ve made PitPat GPS as small as light as we possibly can, whilst keeping it super robust (“dog tough”). We have very happy customers with the smallest of dogs, so you shouldn’t worry that it’s likely to be “too big” for your dog. But if — against the odds — you decide it’s not for your dog, remember that you can take advantage of our easy-to-use 42-day return policy to get all your money back (yes, including shipping), even if you’ve used your PitPat. So you have nothing to lose!

Yes – almost certainly. We know dogs very well indeed, so we’ve made PitPat GPS Tracker light, strong, very comfortable to wear, hard to lose, waterproof and all-round brilliant for every breed of dog. But even so, if you don’t like (even if you’ve used it a lot), you can return it within 42 days with no questions asked and we’ll refund all your money including shipping. There is no risk!

You bet! PitPat GPS is made from super-tough injection-moulded plastic, and designed from the ground up to be “dog-tough”. Whilst we’re not saying it could indefinitely resist a sustained all-out attack from your dog when it’s not on their collar (even purpose-designed dog toys can’t do that, right?), it’s certainly built for a lifetime on the collar of whatever the most adventureous dog can throw at it. Whether its scrambling though bushes, diving in the sea, or wherever adventure takes them, we guarantee your PitPat GPS will keep working.

Of course! PitPat GPS Tracker is completely waterproof. Not just “splashproof” or “water-resistant”, but full-on IP67 waterproof for swimming, diving, hydrotherapy and watersports of all kinds. And yes, that includes in the sea. You never need to take PitPat GPS off your dog’s collar when they go swimming.

You certainly can. We don’t make a special version for cats, and at the moment, our app will call your cat a dog and treat them like a dog, but it’ll find them just the same.

Attaching to collar

PitPat GPS Tracker uses a super-strong parachute-grade genuine VELCRO® Brand strap to attach tightly to your dogs collar. The soft side of the strap faces your dog’s fur, making it super-comfortable for them. It comes with a shorter and a longer strap, and you can choose which one works best for you. If you remove and re-attach your PitPat frequently, the strap will eventually wear, but you can easily and cheaply buy replacements in our online store (or get them included free with PitPat LIFE™ membership).

PitPat GPS Tracker will attach and work with almost any sort of collar or harness. It doesn’t matter where it’s attached or what its orientation is. It also works with Martingale collars.

No – not if you’ve attached it correctly. Provided you make sure the strap has a good overlap (we supply two different sizes to choose from), keep the strap clean and pull it up tight, your PitPat GPS will not fall off. With the VELCRO® Brand strap safely tucked inside the collar, it is extremely hard if not impossible to simply pull the tracker off the collar. You have to peel the strap apart to remove it, and that can’t happen accidently. If you are still worried about the possiblity of accidently losing your PitPat GPS, PitPat LIFE™ members can get a free (yes, free!) replacement if they lose their tracker (see details).

PitPat GPS Tracker is not itself a collar so doesn’t have it’s own safety release. You can use it with any collar though, includig safety release collars.

PitPat GPS Trackers are very hard to lose because they attach very firmly to the dog’s collar. But should the worst happen (if your dog loses their whole collar for example), you can live-track your PitPat GPS Tracker even when it’s not on your dog and almost certainly find it that way. If you do genuinely completely lose your PitPat Tracker, you will need to buy a replacement. However, for dogs in PitPat LIFE™, you can get up to one free replacement PitPat GPS Tracker every year, so it’s worth thinking about joining PitPat LIFE™ to get that, and lots of other benefits.


Most trackers are sold very cheaply on the basis that you then have to buy an expensive on-going subscription to keep them working. We don’t think that’s fair.

Instead, we charge you a fair price for your PitPat GPS Tracker and then nothing more, so you can find your dog whenever and as often as you want to for as long as you use your tracker without ever paying a penny more.

We have the latest technology and special arrangements with major nework operators who let us use their networks without the need for us to pass on any on-going costs to you. Ever.

Our “no subscription” model is not a special-offer or “first year free” promotion. Your PitPat GPS Tracker will find your dog subscription-free on the first day you buy it, and on every subsequent day you own and use it, year after year. There are no extra charges to find your dog at any point.

No – you don’t need to provide a SIM or pay anything to use PitPat GPS Tracker. Just buy the tracker and your good to go.

PitPat GPS Tracker has its own SIM installed at the factory, and we pay for all the data it uses to talk to our cloud service for as long as you use it. There are no limits, no roaming charges, no penalties or anything else to pay to find your dog whenever and as often as you wish.

Absolutely not!

When we say “no subscription”, we mean it. If you travel with your PitPat Dog GPS Tracker to any it where it works, you won’t pay anything to track your dog whenever you want, just like when you’re at home.

Do remember though that your own smartphone will require data service for you to use our app. Depending on your contract or data plan, your own mobile operator may charge you for that data whilst you are roaming away from home.

PitPat LIFE™ is our separate and entirely optional membership scheme for dogs who have PitPat Activity or GPS Trackers. It provides a wide range of benefits in exchange for a modest monthy fee. Benefits include free straps (and replaceable batteries for activity monitors), our Video Vet service, our Points and Prizes scheme, exclusive app features, competitions and other Perks. PitPat LIFE™ can add to your PitPat GPS Tracker experience, including features like leaderboards and saving your dog’s previous walks. But our “no subscription” promise still applies. You DO NOT need to sign your dog up to PitPat LIFE™ to be able to find and live-track them on a map whenever and however often you want to for as long as you use your PitPat GPS Tracker.


Of course! If you have more than one dog and you buy more than one PitPat GPS Tracker, you can track them all together in our app on your phone. It’s really simple to do.

Yes – with your permission. You can “share” your dog with their other owners (or, for example a dog-walker) to let them see and do on their phone exactly what you can do on yours. So if your dog gets lost, the whole family can track them on their phones. And everyone in your family can share in everything else too, like activity monitoring, badges and more.

On the other hand, we take your privacy very seriously. No-one else can ever connect to your PitPat GPS tracker, live-track your dog, or get any information about them without your explicit permission.

In normal conditions, your PitPat GPS Tracker will show your dog’s location on a map to within a couple of metres, updated live every 10 seconds. Sometimes, in certain conditions, the accuracy may be a bit less, but PitPat GPS Tracker should always get you close enough to your dog to see and hear them (even in woodland areas) so that you’ll always be able to find where they’ve gone if they go off.

Whenever you’re live-tracking your dog, you’ll see their location as an icon inside a circle on the map. The smaller the circle, the more accurate their location.

Yes – PitPat GPS Tracker provides live-tracking of your dog’s location.

Once you’ve started a live-tracking session, you’ll see your dog’s location change on the map about every 10 seconds — easily enough for your to follow them and chase them down. But because your PitPat GPS saves its battery, it isn’t live-tracking all the time. It can take a few minutes to start a live-tracking session, so we recommend that you tap “Start a walk” in our app every time you go out. That starts a live-tracking session and keeps it going so you can find your dog straight away when you want to.

Yes you can! Your phone has its own built-in GPS, so you’ll see your location as a blue dot, and your dog’s as an orange circle.

Your PitPat GPS Tracker helps you find your dog when they run off by showing you a continually updating location live on a map as they move about, but doesn’t record where they have been. If you want to record your dog’s walks (and get other detailed walk-based information), you can sign your dog up to our entirely optional PitPat LIFE™ membership scheme that offers that feature along with lots of other great benefits.

Yes. Whenever you start live-tracking your dog, we’ll show you where your dog’s last live-tracked location was. If, for whatever reason (perhaps they go out of coverage), your dog’s position stops updating during a live-tracking session, you’ll continue to see your dog’s last known location on the map until a new live location is available.

PitPat GPS Tracker is designed to help you find your dog when they run off, but not as a way of monitoring their location whilst you’re not around. Lots of people love the idea that they might get an alert if their dog leaves a defined area (such as their own garden or back yard) but in practice (and despite other products claiming to do it) it’s very hard to offer a such a feature without very rapid battery-drain, poor accuracy and false (or no) alarms. For those reasons, if this is a feature you’re particularly looking for, we advise you to be sceptical about the performance of products that claim to offer it.

Our app has super-clear, detailed and regularly updated maps provided by either Apple or Google (depending on whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone). They both include aerial photography (“satellite view”) to help in areas where there are no roads or other features. And if you’re not good with maps, we also offer our unique “dog finder” that shows a big arrow that points in real-time exactly in the direction of your dog (and tells you how far away they are).

We don’t use or provide “Ordnance Survey” or other traditional map formats because they are designed for paper use and not optimised for on-screen navigation. The Apple and Google maps we offer are incredibly clear, detailed and up-to-date, and are much better for on-screen use.

PitPat GPS Tracker is designed to help you find your dog when they run off, not to protect them from theft, so please don’t buy or use one with that in mind. Any “sensible” thief would simply remove a tracking device attached to a dog, and sadly, we’re not yet at the stage where this sort of technology could be implanted permanently in your dog. (Please remember that any “chip” your dog may have is a means of uniquely identifying them if they are ever found, not a way of remotely tracking them if they get lost/stolen.)

Other features

No. Although there are trackers that provide this feature, our view is that for most dogs – especially if they’re lost or afraid – a sudden disembodied voice or loud beep coming from their collar is generally more likely to distress them rather than help you get them back.
We’ve tested the trackers that can make a noise ourselves, but they just don’t deliver the kind of experience we want to give our customers. For this reason, PitPat GPS does not currently have this feature.

No. Having a light on your dog’s collar is a great idea – especially in winter or after dark – and some trackers on the market have this feature. But to be bright enough to be useful, a light has to use quite a bit of power, and that’s just not available in a small, lightweight device intended to stay on your dog’s collar all the time. That’s the reason the “lights” that some GPS trackers provide are always very dim (sometimes just a glowing LED – we know because we’ve tested them), and it’s why we haven’t included this feature in PitPat GPS Tracker.

If you want a light on your dog’s collar, there are some great brands of super-bright light, and as dog-lovers ourselves we recommend you get one of those (as well as a PitPat GPS Tracker, of course!).

Dog Activity Monitor

No. The PitPat Dog Activity Monitor are completely subscription-free, and there are no hidden fees either.

If you decide to, you can join our exclusive club PitPat LIFE, to access VIP rewards and unlock certain features in the app, but this is completely optional.

The PitPat Dog Activity Monitor weighs only 16g and is just 32mm x 32mm in size.

Completely! The PitPat Dog Activity Monitor is rated IP67, which means that you do not need to take it off when your dog goes swimming – even diving into the sea or hydrotherapy.