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What vaccinations does my puppy need?

Having your puppy vaccinated is one of the most important things that you can do for their health. Ensuring your dog gets regular vaccinations will protect them from infectious diseases, as well as from passing any of those diseases onto other dogs. 

What vaccinations does my puppy need?

Your vet will recommend the most appropriate vaccinations for your puppy, depending on their level of contact with other dogs and whether they will be travelling abroad. In the UK, most puppies will have vaccinations to protect against four major diseases. These are:

  • Canine parvovirus
  • Canine distemper virus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Infectious canine hepatitis

When should my puppy have their first vaccination?

Many puppies will have their first vaccinations at eight weeks, just before they are ready to go to their new homes. You should check with your breeder to see if your puppy has had their first vaccination and ask for the paperwork with their vaccination record. If your puppy hasn’t had their first vaccination when they come home, get them booked in at the vet as soon as possible.

Australian Shepherd puppy in a field with yellow flowers

When should my puppy have their second vaccination?

Your puppy should have their second vaccination between two and four weeks after the first.

Between six and 12 months of age, your puppy will need a booster vaccination – make sure you speak to your vet to find out when it’s due and get an appointment booked in.

Will my puppy need vaccinations throughout their life?

Yes – your puppy will need regular booster vaccinations for their whole life. Your vet will advise when these are due, and often combine the vaccinations with a general health check.

Who can vaccinate my dog?

You should contact your local vet to arrange your dog’s vaccinations. Your vet will often give your pup their vaccinations at the same time as a general health check.

Golden Labrador puppy

Will vaccinations make my dog sick?

Most dogs are back to their bouncy selves very soon after their vaccinations, but some might experience lethargy or soreness for a couple of days. If symptoms last longer than this, get in touch with your vet for advice.

What vaccinations do rescue dogs need?

Most rescue dogs will come from the rehoming centre with all of their vaccinations up to date. The centre should be able to give you all their medical details and tell you when their next vaccination is due.

When can I walk my puppy after their vaccinations?

You can start taking your puppy for walks once their vaccination course is complete – usually after their second set of vaccinations.

Once your puppy is protected from disease and ready to meet the world you’ll be able to introduce them to proper walkies – just make sure that you stick to exercise guidelines whilst they’re young to prevent over exercising them. To get an exercise goal for free, just download the PitPat app – we’ll automatically adjust their goal as they grow. Use your PitPat to measure how much activity they’re doing so you know they are always getting the right amount.

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