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Best dog treats for training

When training your pup, we all know that they need that little incentive in the form of something enjoyable. So choosing the right treat for the training you’re doing is important. They need to be healthy and motivate your dog, and there’s the all-time question of wet food or dry food. 

So what’s the best treat for which type of training? Let’s find out. 

PitPat Treats

Of course, we would put our treats in here, we think they’re great after all!

Their small size makes them pawfect for on-the-go training, whether you’re out on a walk or learning new tricks at home. They’re high in protein and have no nasties, plus they’re super tasty so even the fussiest pups will love them. 

Try them today for just £2.50 a bag or £10 for five. 

PitPat Treats


Cheese is full of protein, calcium, vitamin A and essential fatty acids, making it a great treat for dogs. But it might be worth saving it for a bonus reward at the end of training as cheese is high in calories. 


Like cheese, ham should be used as a bonus reward as it’s high in calories, and remember to stick to giving your pup plain ham as other varieties can cause upset tummies. 

It’s also not the easiest thing to take on walks with you, so it’s best to use when doing training from the comfort of your home. 


Many dogs loving chowing down on a stick of cucumber or carrot, and they’re a good way to keep your furry friend busy if you’ve got a few things to do. Plus veggies are low in calories, so they’re pawfect to use throughout your training sessions. 

Man holding paw of white dog

Peanut butter

This is a great high-value treat for when they’ve been a really good pup, it is high calorie though so should definitely be kept as a once in a while thing. But because dogs go crazy for it, it works wonders as a distraction method for when they’re being groomed (don’t tell them that though!) Simply put it in a Kong or spread it across a Lickimat and you’ll find it’s pawfect for keeping them still and their minds busy. 

But before you go and grab your favourite jar of peanut butter for your dog, make sure you check the label. Some peanut butter recipes contain xylitol, which is toxic to dogs and can be fatal even in small amounts. The good news is there are plenty of options out there that are dog friendly, so you’re bound to find one that they like.


Some dogs just aren’t food motivated, and would rather be surrounded with attention and affection. Although this might mean you have a pup that’s a fussy eater, it’s ok, because affection is zero calories, and even better, zero cost! 

Of course, a fussy eater still needs their dinner, so why not try PitPat Food? Our super tasty recipe can break the resolve of even the fussiest eater and it’s been formulated by expert nutritionists so your pup gets all the nutrients and goodness they need. What’s not to love?

Man and woman sat on sofa with a dog


Of course, some dogs are just all about the toy, and they can be a really useful tool when it comes to training.

To make a toy an effective reward you’ll need to hide away one in particular and only give them the toy as a reward. This way your pooch will be able to associate the toy as a treat. 

Whatever treat option you choose, training is a wonderful way to bond with your dog. That’s why we made PitPat Treats super tasty as well as being small and light. Plus when you buy five packs, we’ll give you a free treat tin for carrying them with you!

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