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Where was ‘The Dog House’ filmed?

The Dog House is a heartwarming reality TV show that focuses on matching rescue dogs with loving new owners. But where was this captivating TV show filmed?

Where was ‘The Dog House’ filmed?

The Dog House is filmed at the Woodgreen Pets Charity Centre in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire. The 43-acre centre has picturesque grounds, well-maintained kennels and spacious play areas for the dogs, which provide the perfect environment for their interactions with potential owners.

How many seasons of The Dog House are there?

There are currently four seasons of The Dog House, with a fifth season confirmed, although there is no release date yet.

Where can I watch The Dog House?

All seasons of The Dog House have now aired, but you can watch all the episodes, including a Christmas special, on Channel 4 catch up.

Can I visit the Woodgreen Centre in The Dog House?

You can, but visits are by appointment only and for people using Woodgreen’s services, such as rehoming a pet or attending one of their workshops or classes.

How much do rescue dogs cost from Woodgreen?

There is a one-off fee to rehome a dog with Woodgreen, which is £250 and covers all your dog’s treatments to come home with you. Of course, deciding to adopt a dog is a big decision, and you must consider whether it’s the right choice for you.

How can I support Woodgreen?

You can support Woodgreen by donating today, and just £5 a month could pay for a pet’s first vaccinations before they’re rehomed. Or, if you prefer, you can sponsor a dog for just 21p a day. You’ll receive a welcome pack and regular stories and updates about your pup. There are so many ways to support Woodgreen and all the fantastic work they’re doing, so it’s easy to pick the best option for you.

The Dog House is an amazing TV show that showcases the incredible passion and hard work that Woodgreen undertake daily. It’s a series that lets each dog’s unique personality shine and shows how a simple act of kindness can transform the lives of the dogs and the humans that become their families. 

If watching The Dog House inspires you to adopt, make sure you research everything you need to know about adopting a puppy or a dog so you’re as prepared as you can be to become a pet parent. And, of course, add a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker to your shopping list, and you’ll have all the information you need about your dog’s activity to keep them happy and healthy. What’s more, PitPat GPS  will track their location, perfect for giving you off-lead confidence on your first adventures together.

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