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How much exercise does my Sprollie need?

Whether you own a Sprollie or are considering bringing one into your family, understanding their exercise needs is crucial. Sprollies, a mix between a Springer Spaniel and a Border Collie, are known for their energy and enthusiasm. So regular exercise will help them maintain good physical health and contribute to their behavioural balance. But how much exercise do these lovable dogs need?

How much exercise does an adult Sprollie need?

Sprollies are highly active dogs due to the combination of their parent breeds, both of which have a working background. While the exercise needs of a Sprollie will vary depending on age, fitness level and overall health, they need an average of 80 minutes of exercise a day.

This should be made up of activities that allow them to be energetic and include some mental stimulation. If you want to give them space to run on a walk but are nervous about them getting lost, you need a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker. With this on their collar, all you need to do is tap ‘find my dog now’ in our app, and you’ll be able to track your dog’s location live, with updates every 10 seconds.

How much exercise does a Sprollie puppy need?

Sprollie puppies, like any other young dog, have developing bones and joints that need special care. It’s important not to overexert them during this stage of their life, as it can lead to future joint and mobility issues. So as a general rule, puppies should only have 5 minutes of exercise per month of their age, and don’t forget that play counts as exercise, too – it’s not just walkies.

As puppies have so much energy, it can be hard to get the exercise balance right, so using a PitPat GPS or a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor can be helpful. These devices will track all your puppy’s walking, running and playing each day, and we’ll even give you a tailored exercise goal that will adapt with them as they grow.

How much exercise does a senior Sprollie need?

As Sprollies enter their senior years, their exercise needs will decrease as joint stiffness and mobility issues become more prevalent. This means it’s essential to monitor their activity levels and make adjustments to ensure they don’t push themselves too hard. Of course, with a PitPat GPS on their collar, that’s a straightforward thing to do. 

It’s also wise to watch them when you’re out walking and check regularly for any signs of exhaustion. Sprollies love to please their humans, so they may not always be able to tell you when they’ve had enough.

What types of exercise are best for Sprollies?

Agility. Sprollies excel in agility courses that involve navigating obstacles, tunnels and jumps, and it provides excellent mental stimulation too.

Flyball. This fast-paced team sport combines racing, jumping and retrieving a ball, so it’s no surprise that Sprollie’s love it.

Canicross. This sport involves running or jogging with your dog while attached to a waist belt and bungee line. Canicross is fun for you and your dog and strengthens your bond.

Swimming. If your Sprollie loves the water, this could be a perfect fit. It’s also a great option for them as they age, as it’s a gentle, low-impact exercise on their joints. You won’t need to remove their PitPat GPS, as it’s 100% waterproof!

What types of mental stimulation are best for Sprollies?

These are all great forms of physical exercise and incorporate some mental stimulation, but Sprollies are an intelligent breed that will need mental enrichment throughout their day. Why not add some of these ideas to engage their problem-solving abilities?

Puzzle toys. These interactive toys require your Sprollie to problem-solve to find treats or rewards.

Nose work. Engage their scenting abilities by hiding toys or treats for them to find.

Obedience training. Whatever age your Sprollie is, training is a great way to reinforce what they already know or teach them new commands to keep their mind sharp.

Whatever combination of physical and mental exercise you choose, ensure your dog has a PitPat on their collar. That way, you can focus on the fun you’re having, and we’ll give you the insights to ensure your Sprollie gets the exercise they need.

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