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Track your puppy’s exercise, progress and playtime with PitPat

Tailored exercise goals  •  Track progress   •   Monitor play

PitPat gives you a helping paw with…


Discover your pup’s tailored exercise goal

Step 1: Download the free PitPat app & create an account

Step 2: Input your dog’s age, breed and weight

Step 3: Receive your tailored goal


Reach your activity goals

Attach a PitPat device to your puppy, and you’ll find out exactly how much walking, running, playing, pottering and resting they do each day.  All of these help you reach their daily activity goal and allow you to keep track of their progress as they grow.


The Power of Play

PitPat knows how important play is for development which is why it records it separately, do you know how play can benefit your puppy?

In this video our play expert Emily Blackwell uncovers the power of play and the benefits for both you and your dog.

All this and more with the dog activity monitor everyone’s talking about

We absolutely love our PitPat!

“A great way to monitor exercise and interesting insight into how Ila spends her day.  It is especially useful for building up Ila’s fitness…we recommend it to everyone.”

Georgina & Ila

Great for all dogs!

“Love this. Great way to ensure my puppy I getting the right amount of exercise and rest. Easy to use. My dog is small and this is fine on his collar doesn’t seem to notice it so would recommend for all dog sizes.”


Puppy Tips and Advice

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Light brown puppy wearing a harness and a PitPat

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