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How much exercise does a Jack Russell Terrier need?

Jack Russell Terriers are spirited, independent little dogs. These pups may be small but they’re no lap dogs. They were bred to flush foxes and other mammals out of their dens for the hunt, so they need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy. 

How much exercise does my Jack Russell Terrier need?

Jack Russell Terriers are active dogs, so they need at least 90 minutes of high-quality exercise every day to keep them happy. However, all dogs have different activity needs, even within the same breed, so the exact amount your pooch needs will depend on their age, health, and temperament.

To get a goal that’s tailored to your dog, simply download the free PitPat app and enter their details. We’ll adjust their goal depending on their age and breed, and you can make further adjustments depending on your vet’s advice.

How much exercise does a Jack Russell Terrier puppy need?

Puppies don’t need as much exercise as adult dogs, so it’s important you keep track of how much they’re getting to make sure that they don’t overdo it. Too much exercise could do damage to their growing joints, and too little exercise puts them at risk of obesity and behavioural issues.

To get an exercise goal that changes as your puppy grows, simply download the free PitPat app and enter their details. Why not buy a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker whilst you’re at it so you can keep track of them on your walks, and see how much activity they’re doing every day?

How much exercise does a senior Jack Russell Terrier need?

As your Jack Russell gets older, they will start slowing down naturally. However, it’s important that they still get exercised to prevent obesity and lengthen their lifespan.

At an advanced age, your dog won’t need as much exercise as they once did, so you should start reducing the length of their walks. When you get a tailored activity goal from the PitPat app, it will automatically reduce your dog’s goal as they age, to keep it achievable for your senior pooch.

Jack Russell Terrier amongst bluebells wearing a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

How often should I walk my Jack Russell Terrier?

How often you walk your dog is entirely down to your routine. Many dog owners choose to walk their dog twice a day – once in the morning and once in the afternoon or evening – but you might be able to walk them even more regularly. Whatever you choose, routine is important for keeping your dog happy, and ensuring that they get enough exercise each day. 

If your Jack Russell gets walked by multiple people, it can be much easier to keep track when you have a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker. You’ll be able to see whether they’ve had enough exercise that day, and take them out for an extra evening walk if not! 

How can I keep my Jack Russell Terrier busy?

Because they are such high energy dogs, Jack Russell Terriers can struggle to chill out during the day, especially if they are still young. Instead of over-exercising them in a bid to make them sleep all day, it’s best to balance their walkies with something that gets their brains working.

Enrichment toys and puzzles are great for curious, food motivated dogs – it’ll not only keep them busy, but also make them work for their meals instead of scoffing it all down at once! Alternatively, play is a fantastic way to keep your dog from getting bored, as well as getting them a little more exercise and building the bond between you.

Will my Jack Russell Terrier ever calm down?

If you’re waiting for your Jack Russell to become a couch potato, you could be waiting for a while! These are high energy dogs, so the best thing you can do for them as their owner is to channel that energy. That means plenty of high-quality exercise as well as games and toys to keep their brains engaged.

If your Jack Russell is still struggling to calm down, try long lasting chew toys, Lickimats and crate training – all strategies to help your dog be calm when they need to be.

What types of activities are good for Jack Russell Terriers?

Jack Russell Terriers are small but incredibly agile, and pretty smart too. This makes them great candidates for canine sports like agility and flyball, which have the added benefit of building a wonderful bond between owner and dog. You could even have a go at earthdog trials, which are particularly suited to Jack Russell Terriers with a strong prey drive.

However you decide to exercise your dog, you can measure it all with a PitPat Dog GPS tracker. Check how much time they’ve spent walking, running, playing, pottering, and resting, and whether they’ve hit those all-important activity goals. And if your Jack Russell simply has to chase after that squirrel, you’ll be able to let them, as our PitPat GPS will help you find them in just two taps. Simple.

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