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Measuring your dog’s activity

Get a free exercise goal.

Dogs love to be active. But how much exercise should you give your dog?

With the free PitPat app you can easily find out, even without a PitPat device. Just download the app, tell us a bit about yourself and your dog, and get an immediate recommendation based on your dog’s individual breed, age, sex and weight. PitPat uses minutes – the easiest-to-understand measure of exercise that vets recommend. We’ll tell how many minutes of walkingrunning or playing your dog should get. And if you want – if your dog is very active, or they have a health condition – you can change the goal to suit.

See types of activity.

Attach a PitPat device to your dog, and you’ll find out exactly how much walking, running, playing, pottering and resting your dog does each day – and exactly when they did it. Every minute spent walking, running and playing counts towards their daily exercise goal, so you’ll see when they achieve that too.

Check on distance and calories.

With a PitPat device, you’ll also see an estimate of how far your dog went and how many calories they used during each day. Together with exercise, this could help you decide how much to feed your dog each and every day.

Your dog’s day revealed.

The PitPat app  – together with the PitPat device – gives you a complete insight into how your dog spends their day, how much exercise they’re getting and how many calories they’ve used. Get it, and you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

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