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The window into your dog’s life

Our free app is your easy-to-use window onto your dog’s life with PitPat. It works with the PitPat device (or for some features, without), to show you what your dog is doing, when they’re doing it, and how they’re doing against their goals.

Curious? You don’t need a PitPat to try out our app, so why not download it now?

Clear and simple.

Life with your dog should be about you and your dog, not about fiddling with your phone. Other apps have many functions and features that you may never use.

We stick to the important things that matter to you and your dog, and make them incredibly easy-to-understand and use. Don’t believe us? Download our app now for free and give it a try!

Swipe easily between dogs.

If – like many of our pack members – you have more than one dog, our app lets you keep tabs on all of them, all in one place. Easily flick backwards and forwards between your dogs to compare who did what, and when. Discover who’s winning and who’s falling behind. See who needs a bit more love and attention.

More than one owner? Fine too!

Is your dog part of the family? With the PitPat app, everyone in your family can see all your dog(s) on their own phone, and everyone can enjoy all the features and fun of PitPat.

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