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PitPat’s guide to bonding with your dog

There is no doubt that the relationship between a human and their dog is a special one.  Ever since dogs became domesticated we have taken great joy from their company, and have harnessed their skill set to help us with everything from therapy to protection and rescue.  

Of course the dogs in our daily lives are no less remarkable, and the bond that we form with them is precious.  Continuing to deepen and develop that bond over the course of their lives will strengthen and preserve your relationship with them, and there are some simple things you can add into their routine to help you do this.

Spend time with your dog

We all lead busy lives, and without noticing, the quality time we spend with our canine friends can become less and less.  Try and engage with your dog by talking to them, making eye contact, or giving them a good scratch behind the ears. Anything that lets them know that you are glad they are there

Exercise together

Exercise is something that benefits both pooch and dog owner, and what could be better than getting outside with your best friend?  It can be as simple as going for a walk. Or perhaps you could try something new and have a go at a dog specific sport, like Canicross or agility training?  Both of these are fantastic for developing good communication, and will get you to work closely together to achieve a common goal.  If you add a  PitPat  you can even track your dog’s distance, exercise and calories, and get a real time look at all they’ve accomplished.

Do some dog training

You are probably aware of how essential it is to train your dog so they can recognise key commands and learn good behaviour.  But it is also a great way to deepen the bond you have with your dog, as it gets you both speaking the same language whilst developing trust and confidence.

Be present

You might have noticed that dogs are incredibly good at being in the moment, which is something us humans can find tricky.  Whilst we are doing one thing, we are also going through a mental checklist of everything else that we need to do. When it comes to spending time with our dogs however, it is really important that we take a leaf out of their books and focus fully on them – even if it’s only for five minutes.  They will get a lot more benefit out of five, attentive minutes where we are relaxed, than a longer period of time where we are stressed and distracted.

So as you can see deepening the special bond you and your dog share is simply about getting to know them and spending time with them, and what could be easier than that?

If you would like more insights into your dog’s world then download the free PitPat app and start tracking their exercise, progress and play today.