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Best large dog breeds

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to choosing your new best friend, there isn’t a one size fits all approach. But thinking about size is very important, as it will affect how much space you need, the cost of looking after them and how you need to handle them.

However, getting a larger dog doesn’t necessarily mean more work,  just as getting a small dog doesn’t necessarily mean less. So bearing all those things in mind, let’s take a look at some of our favourite large dog breeds.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever in the forest wearing a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

A fun loving dog who will get along happily with everyone, the Golden Retriever is a large breed with a big heart. Exercise is one of their favourite activities and they enjoy long walks, going to the park and a good game of fetch. Their gorgeous coats do shed heavily though and they will need daily brushing.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This large breed of dog comes from Switzerland and was bred to help with farm work, so they are intelligent, loyal and always eager to please their owners. As a working dog they are easy to train,  but they do weigh in at between 36-50 kilograms, so effective training is essential so you can handle them with ease.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd out on a walk wearing a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

An intelligent dog who quickly forms emotional bonds with its owners, the German Shepherd is definitely best suited to an active family.  These dogs need plenty of exercise throughout the day to keep them happy and occupied, so would be the perfect choice if you love to explore the great outdoors. To discover how much time you would need to spend exploring with your best friend, just download the free PitPat app for a tailored exercise goal.

Great Dane

Great Danes are called great for a reason, as this breed can grow up to 32 inches tall!  While they may look imposing they have one of the best temperaments around, they are often called a gentle giant  as they get along well with children and other pets. But they do need careful attention as a puppy, as due to their size their bones and joints will take a while to stop growing and become stable.

Labrador Retriever

Two labradors sitting in flowers wearing PitPat Dog Activity Monitors

A Labrador Retriever is an outgoing dog with a lot of love to share.  They are great family dogs and are easy to train as they love learning new things.  Play and anything athletic are always high on their to do list, and they are incredibly adaptable. Just don’t ask them to be your guard dog as their sweet natures mean they see everyone as a potential friend!

Standard Poodle

There is actually a size of Poodle to suit every home environment, toy, miniature and standard, but standard is the largest of the three. All Poodles are affectionate and highly intelligent and will excel at performance based sports like agility. They do need more exercise than you might think however, so be prepared for plenty of trips to the park.


The Newfoundland is another gentle giant and is often referred to as the ‘nanny’ of the dog world. So it should be no surprise to discover that they are caring, loyal and great with children. This is a large dog that can weigh anywhere between 45 to 68 kilograms and grow up to 26 inches tall. So if you think this could be the dog for you make sure you acquire a spacious crate for them to relax in, and ensure they will have plenty of space to roam about inside and outside your home.

English Pointer

English Pointer beside a colourful shrub wearing a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

A working dog with an independent streak, the English Pointer is calm and caring, getting along well with children and other pets. You may find that they can be highly strung but this can be helped with obedience training from an early age. The one thing they will need is lots of exercise as they have boundless energy, so it’s important to make plenty of time for that in their daily routine. Because of this the English Pointer does best in the countryside and isn’t really suited to city living at all. 

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound was originally bred to hunt wild game, but today you can find them competing in obedience and lure coursing as well as being a fantastic companion. This noble dog is on average one of the tallest dogs in the world, with some standing at 35 inches tall!  But if you have the space for this gentle breed you will discover just how intelligent, sensitive and loving they are.

As you can see large dogs have lots of personality and are often giving and caring too. Another thing they all have in common is their love of a good walk. While it is not always the case that the larger the dog the more exercise they need, daily exercise is a must to help keep them happy and healthy.  

So to make sure that your large bundle of fur is always getting the exercise they need, why not use a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker to track all of the activity they get up to each day? You will also receive an exercise goal that is tailored to their age, weight and breed, so you will always be able to get the balance just right – whatever their size!

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