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The top 7 water-loving dog breeds

While it’s a myth that all dogs are born knowing how to swim, there certainly are some breeds that are desperate to make a splash! Pups with short legs, long bodies and large chests are often more hesitant around the wet stuff, but here is a selection of good swimmers who just love the water, and some breeds that you may never have heard of… 

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

The smallest of all the retrievers, these pups were originally bred to toll, lure and retrieve waterfowl from the water in Canada. Their webbed feet mean they can glide through the water, and you might have trouble keeping them out of a body of water if there’s one nearby! 

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

One of the toughest water retrievers, these pups have been known to swim and dive into ice-cold water! They have a dense undercoat and a rough, curly overcoat, which means their fur is nearly totally waterproof. These are a lesser-known breed as they often sit in the shadow of the famous black, yellow, and red labradors, but we think they’re great and you can find out how much exercise they need in our app too! 

Lagotto Romagnolo

This ancient Italian breed originated from marshlands where it was a gun dog, and it’s believed that all modern water retrieving breeds are descended from the Lagotto Romagnolo. Since the drainage of the wetlands in Delta del Po, this breed is now famous for its ability to sniff out truffles and is the only purebred to be recognised to have this ability. This is one very classy swimmer, and you won’t be surprised to hear that this breed is also in our app! 

A Lagotoo Romagnolo lying on a blanket

Standard Poodle 

Their name originates from the German word ‘Pudlen’, meaning ‘to splash’. Their dense curly coat keeps them warm, while long legs and a well-proportioned body make them strong swimmers. The big curly mass of hair on a Poodle’s head was actually bred and enhanced through grooming, it meant that hunters could see their Poodles in the water, even when their bodies were submerged… very clever! 

A Standard Poodle on the beach with a tennis ball in its mouth


These big fluffy pups have an important history of working both on land and water. One of their jobs was to tow lines from ships to the land in rough seas off the coast of Newfoundland, and their double coat and webbed paws mean they just love to swim! They’re also well known for their life-saving abilities when swimmers get into difficulties, and they have been stationed at lifeguard stations along the British coast. 

Portuguese Water Dog 

Originating from the Algarve these dogs were originally bred to herd fish into fishermen’s nets, and retrieve lost tackle while travelling from ship to ship, and ship to shore as couriers. Their oily, wavy coats keep them warm on their journeys, but now they’re known for their obedience and companionship. Do you have one of these pups? Us too! We have 340 dog breeds in our app, so why not download it for free to see if your dog is one of them! 

Portuguese Water Dog at a pier

Irish Water Spaniel 

One of the oldest Spaniel breeds around today and also the tallest of the Spaniels is the Irish Water Spaniel. In Irish folklore they’re believed to be the descendants of Dobhar-chú, or “King Otter”, a creature resembling both a dog and otter that lives in the water and has fur with protective properties. This is a pawsome breed and a very special Spaniel, that’s why we have them as one of the breeds in our PitPat app! 

With so many water loving dog breeds we know it can be hard to stop your pup from making a splash, that’s why PitPat is 100% waterproof. So whether you’re just caught in the rain, or your dog is on a deep diving stick finding mission, they can have their PitPat with them all day, every day. At just £39 what are you waiting for? Join the Pack today.

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