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How much exercise does a Staffordshire Bull Terrier need?

Originally from Birmingham and The Black Country, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was born through the mixing of the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier and started back as far as the mid-1800s.

This beautiful breed is one of the most intelligent in our pack and is a great addition to any family, especially those with young children because of their massive love of affection, their need to please, and adaptability, making them the “all-purpose dog”. 

Their stocky and muscular-looking appearance can mislead people. However, this breed is a prime example to never judge a book by its cover, as the ‘Staffie’ is possibly one of the softest and most loving breeds you’ll find. 

How much exercise does a Staffordshire Bull Terrier need?

The amount of exercise will differ with any dog breed based on their age, weight, and fitness level, and while Staffies aren’t the biggest of breeds, they compensate for that with their above-average muscle strength and intelligence, meaning a good amount of exercise is needed per day to stimulate their brain and keep them healthy.

Lucky for you, we’ve made sure getting the exact amount of exercise for your dog has never been easier, all you need is a little help from the PitPat app. Download it and see your pup’s tailored exercise goal come to life! 

For the average Staffie, we recommend that a combination of walking, running, and playing should accumulate to around a total of 70 minutes per day. 

How much exercise does a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy need? 

This early stage of your dog’s life is extremely vital as it can set their routines and behaviours up for the rest of their lives. Equally, over-exercising them can have severe repercussions as their bones, joints, and muscles are still developing. 

At this age, the majority of exercise will be done at home, as you’ll have to wait for your puppy to be fully vaccinated before letting them venture into the great outdoors. It’s said that the right amount of exercise for a puppy is 5 minutes to every month they have lived, but this is very generic and not suitable for all puppies. 

So for the most accurate information, we recommend taking a look at our app. It takes into consideration your fur baby’s weight and age, along with their breed, and calculates a specific exercise amount to ensure they’re getting everything they need. 

How much exercise does a senior Staffordshire Bull Terrier need? 

Whether you’re a human or a furry-eared tennis ball chaser, getting older usually means it’s time to start thinking about slowing down since you’re more prone to health issues that can limit mobility. This doesn’t mean you should stop exercising altogether but rather means a little extra care should be taken.

Staffies’ love for people and their need to please means they’ll exercise as much as you let them. This means it’s crucial you let them set the pace, and stay informed by checking in with your vet.  

Another way to be the best owner to your Staffie is by attaching a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor to your dog’s collar. It can tell you day-by-day how much exercise your dog has had and works alongside our app to let you know how much exercise they should be getting. 

What are the best games for Staffordshire Bull Terriers?

Staffies love all forms of exercise and benefit from switching up their routine from time to time to further stimulate their brain. Although most games are great for them, here are our top three ways to get them really thinking: 

Fetch – a simple game of fetch can go a long way. The use of quick bursts of energy helps to really work those lean muscles. Some Staffies will even play with the ball themselves, which works great for owners as it gives you a bit of rest time too.

Tug of War – Staffies and Tug of War go paw in paw, and they could play this for hours, although your arms may feel a bit sore the next day! They’ll be happy to have a game with anything, whether it’s a toy, a rope, or your favourite shoe. It’s worth mentioning that if you do take part in this activity, make sure you buy toys specifically made for this game, as they will be less harmful to their teeth.

Agility agility is a high-energy dog sport that exercises your pup’s brain as much as their body. A number of home agility courses can be found on the web and come in all shapes and sizes. But even if you don’t feel like splashing the cash, use tin cans, cardboard boxes, or other household items to get your dog moving (even if you do have to use one or two treats as an incentive.)  

Staffies are amazing family dogs and great around children. They’re loyal companions, affectionate towards you, and love receiving that affection back. 

Walk your Staffie with off-lead confidence by getting a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker, so you never have to worry if they decide to take an impromptu solo mission!

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