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10 dog breeds that need moderate exercise

Looking for a dog that will enjoy a long walk at the weekend but is happy with shorter walks in the week? These breeds are pawfect for just that. All of the dog breeds in this list need between 40- and 60-minutes exercise per day, but still have the stamina to keep up on those occasions you fancy a longer walk!

Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi

This short-legged little pup is famous for being a favourite of the Queen – and given their affectionate nature, it’s no surprise. These plucky little pooches are just as happy out herding livestock in the field as they are lazing around in royal palaces. As long as they get at least 55 minutes of exercise a day, they’ll stay happy and healthy.


The Mastiff is a huge dog – one of the largest and heaviest out there. But their size belies their docile and calm nature – this is a dog content to relax around the house and garden as long as they’ve had their daily walks of at least 50 minutes in total. Their huge size makes them pretty poor running companions but once they are out of puppyhood they’ll be able to manage the odd longer leisurely stroll with you.


The Newfoundland looks like a big black cloud but has a heart of gold. They are happy to laze around all day watching the world go by so without their daily exercise they can quickly put on excess weight. Make sure they get at least 50 minutes a day and they’ll stay fit and healthy. They are excellent swimmers, thanks to their webbed feet and unique swimming style, so it’s always worth incorporating swimming into their exercise routine if you can.

Border Terrier

Border Terrier

The Border Terrier is a fearless terrier that has become popular thanks to their easy ability to adapt to family life and moderate exercise needs. They need at least 60 minutes of exercise a day to keep them happy and healthy but can easily manage a longer walk every now and then. When it comes to canine sports, they make good agility dogs and excel in earthdog trials.


Beagle wearing a harness

This small hound is no stranger to long days out on a hunt, but these days they’re just as content snoozing on the sofa. Even so, their owners need to make sure their pooch gets at least 60 minutes of exercise per day – that’s a couple of half-hour walks or some other form of exercise. Beagles love to play, so fetch or tug of war are great ways to help them use up their excess energy. 


Blonde Cockapoo

Strictly speaking the Cockapoo is a cross breed, the offspring of a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel. These joyful little pups have soared in popularity due to their wonderful natures which make them perfect family pets. They are content with a couple of good walks each day making up at least 40 minutes of exercise. Even so, they are more than capable of going on those longer walks and always have more energy left in the tank for playtime.

Patterdale Terrier

The tough little Patterdale Terrier is no lapdog – they are still actively used for working and so they’ve got energy to burn. They excel in a domestic environment making fantastic companions when they are given enough exercise – at least 60 minutes every day. They’ll happily chase anything small and furry, so it’s always a good idea to let them follow their instincts on an earthdog trial where they can do what they were bred for in a safe environment.

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer in forest

These bearded pooches make wonderful companions for busy families. Needing at least 60 minutes exercise every day, they will be satisfied with a couple of good walks and love a bit of playtime. They were originally bred as a jack-of-all-trades farm dog, so they’ll put their paws to all kinds of exercise. Their sturdy little bodies are easily able to handle the odd longer walk as long as they get plenty of recovery time the next day.


Small and exceedingly quick, the Whippet looks like a greyhound in miniature. And like Greyhounds, they tend to use up their energy in short, fast bursts rather than needing long walks. Their owners need to make sure they get at least 60 minutes of exercise every day, with some off-lead time where they can run to their heart’s content in a safe area. 


One of the UK’s favourites, the Dachshund has a surprising amount of stamina. They need at least 50 minutes a day as adults to keep them in shape, but there’s no real limit on how much activity they can do in a single day, other than their own fitness and desire to walk. If you plan on taking them along on long walks, make sure you build them up to longer distances gradually.

It’s just as easy to over exercise these dog breeds as it is to under-exercise them. You can keep track with a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker or aPitPat Dog Activity Monitor, helping them to stay healthy and happy.

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