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How much exercise does a Pointer need?

Pointers are the perfect family dog. Their energetic and fun-loving ways mean they’ll fit right in with an active home life. They’re not the biggest fans of being left on their own because of their ‘always on the move’ attitude, so they could be a lot to handle for first-time owners.

How much exercise does an adult Pointer need? 

Around 80 minutes of daily exercise will give your Pointer everything they need, provided they get the right amount of food to fuel them for their daily antics that is. After all, getting the balance right isn’t always easy, but PitPat is here to help. Take a look at Helen and her Pointer Lily’s story to see just how we can lend a helping paw.

The PitPat Dog Activity Monitor has helped thousands of dogs get the right amount of exercise each day. We take into account a dog’s breed, age, sex, weight, and whether they’ve been neutered to formulate a tailored exercise goal for each dog.

How much exercise does a Pointer puppy need? 

Gauging how much exercise your puppy needs can be tricky. Using the 5 minutes of exercise for each month of their life can be vague when you consider all breeds can be different sizes and weights even at the puppy stage. And although they’re not allowed on adventures until they’re fully vaccinated, that won’t stop them from tearing around the house. 

That’s why every pup needs a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor. We can tell you day by day how much walking, pottering, playing, running, and sleeping your dog has done. So you know you’re giving them everything they need at this point in their life. 

How much exercise does a senior Pointer need? 

Around the 7-8 year mark dogs start to move into their golden years. At this age, they’ll most likely start to need less exercise than before. You don’t need to worry, this is perfectly normal. 

There are plenty of ways you can help them with this transition, whether that’s by reducing the number of walks you go on each day, or the amount of playtime around the house. Whichever way you decide to do this, it’s important to ensure your pup still gets enough mental stimulation from their day. This can easily be achieved by adding enrichment games to your dog’s daily routine.

What exercise games are best for Pointers? 

For Pointers, they’re great at using their noses and love to run around at full speed. So games that compliment this is perfect for them. 

Scent games. There are plenty of ways you can do these games with your Pointer. Whether it’s Hide & Seek, Find the treat, Pick a hand, or Cups, they’ll love putting their noses into hyperdrive! This is also great for you as a dog owner as you can include command training within the game as well. 

Agility. This is another great and fun way you can mix up your dog’s exercise. Although we do recommend not doing this inside as you don’t want your dog to knock into anything and potentially injure themselves. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun creating your own outside. By including lots of different activities from the tunnel running to weaving in and out of poles, you’ll really help get those brain muscles moving which will result in a much more mentally stimulated pup.

But when your dog is doing all sorts of different types of exercise, how can you keep on top of how much they’ve done? That’s where the PitPat Dog Activity Monitor comes in. We monitor everything your dog does in a day so you don’t ever have to guess again. And all for just £39. We got you. 

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