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Case Study: Struggles with an underweight dog

Hi! My name is Helen Morris and I am an active 60 year old grandma who loves running, being outdoors and walking my dog. I have always had a dog, and previously had a black Labrador Poppy.  We loved her dearly, but had to have her put down aged 13.5 nearly 3 years ago.

Enter Lily…

Woman with an English Pointer

Then Lily the English Pointer came into our lives, and what a shock to the system that was!  After having had an elderly dog, we now had a very energetic, excitable puppy.  

We chose her because of my active lifestyle and the Pointer’s love of all humans!  She was so different to Poppy, as she was already on the thin side and not too bothered about food. 

When she was about one year old she was very ill and we nearly lost her.  Lily was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and is now on a hypoallergenic diet.

Could PitPat help?

I heard about PitPat and was interested because I use a tracker for my running. I was not sure whether it would be helpful, but as a PitPat is reasonably priced, I thought I would try one for Lily.  I was interested in how far she ran as I struggled to control her weight and she always looked very thin.

English Pointer wearing a PitPat

Lily goes to doggy day care at least once a week, and her PitPat tells me that on this day she always has over 200 minutes of exercise, and covers an average of 20 miles! 

The problem is that she loses weight after too many days like this.  But with PitPat I always know exactly how active she has been, so I can reduce her exercise to lead walks on the following day and give her as much food as she will eat!

It’s fun too!

PitPat awards badges for exercise milestones like 90 days of hitting your exercise goal.  It is really fun to go on the app and check which she has won! There is also a page where I can track Lily’s weight to make sure it doesn’t start falling again.

PitPat is great for every dog!

English Pointer in a field

I would recommend PitPat to all dog owners as it would be very useful if your dog was overweight as well as underweight; also to make sure that puppies and older dogs are not over exercising.  It is simple to use and understand and the battery life is excellent. If you are worried about your dog’s weight then PitPat is a really great place to start.

Love Helen and Lily x

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