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Is a dog GPS Tracker worth it?

We’ve all been there. You’re out on a walk, your dog spots something super exciting, and they’re off. Even if your dog has amazing recall, sometimes that thing is just too exciting to ignore, and before you know it, they’ve vanished from sight. Most of the time, you can catch up with them, and everything is fine, but what if you can’t find them?

That’s where a dog GPS tracker comes in. It’s an easy way to give you off-lead confidence and ensure you can always find your dog, but are dog GPS trackers really worth it?

What are the benefits of a dog GPS tracker?

A dog GPS tracker is one of those things you may never need, but it can become a lifesaver if you do, just like Tiptoe’s owner found out. And there are plenty of other benefits to having one on your dog’s collar.

It gives you peace of mind.

With a reliable dog GPS tracker, you can monitor your dog’s location in real-time, so you can always see if they’re in a safe area. This can be useful for dogs that tend to wander or are particularly good at escaping. If you know where they are, you can quickly and easily locate your dog, making you less likely to be worried when out and about with them.

You can find your dog quickly.

If your dog goes missing, a GPS tracker can significantly improve the chances of a quick recovery. You can rely on something other than posters or word-of-mouth as you can actively track your dog’s movements. A PitPat Dog GPS Tracker works by live-tracking your dog, so you’ll be able to locate them wherever they’ve run off too. This is important as the quicker you find your dog, the better.

It makes adventures safer.

If you love having lots of outdoor adventures with your dog, particularly the kind that might be a bit more off the beaten track, then a dog GPS tracker is a great way to ensure their safety. Whether hiking, camping, or simply exploring new places, the tracker lets you keep a close eye on your dog’s location. So if they wander too far or get lost in an unfamiliar area, you can navigate to their precise position using the GPS tracker, reducing the time and effort required to find them.

Activity monitoring

Many dog GPS trackers include additional features like activity monitoring, allowing you to track your dog’s activity levels. The PitPat Dog GPS Tracker has award winning activity monitoring and links up with our free PitPat app, so as well as tracking all the walking, running and playing your dog does every day, it can even give you an exercise goal tailored to your dog based on their breed, age and weight.

Are GPS dog trackers worth the investment?

Cockapoo in the forest on a walk wearing a PitPat GPS Tracker

As a company that has spent a lot of time developing our GPS tracker, you won’t be surprised to learn that we think they are worth the investment. But before you decide to buy one for yourself, you should consider a couple of things.

Are there any ongoing costs?

Dog GPS trackers typically involve an upfront cost for the device itself, and many of them then require ongoing subscription fees to cover the costs of cellular or satellite connectivity, so make sure you’re aware of what those ongoing costs will be before making a purchase.

Or if you want the off-lead confidence without a subscription, pick up a PitPat GPS and unlike other dog GPS trackers you’ll never have to pay a subscription to find your dog.

How reliable is it?

When you’re panicking about finding your dog, the last thing you need is to have your GPS tracker not working correctly. So look for features like market-leading battery life, a user-friendly app, and unlimited range. Our PitPat GPS uses unlimited-range satellite-based GPS. That means as long as your dog is within a coverage area in a supported country, and your phone has access to the internet through mobile data or WiFi, you can be as far away from your dog as you like and still track them live on a map. 

Could you use an Apple AirTag instead?

An Apple AirTag might seem like a cheaper and more convenient option than a dog GPS tracker, but the reality is that it’s not as consistently reliable. They communicate with other iPhones rather than having their own GPS receiver, like a PitPat GPS. This means that the phone has to be within 10 metres, and the phone’s location is transmitted to you to tell you roughly where your AirTag is. So if you’re on a walk anywhere even slightly remote, you might struggle to locate your dog.

This is certainly what we found when we put an AirTag to the test, and even Apple themselves have stated that it’s designed to track items and not pets.

Will it be comfortable for your dog to wear?

There is no point investing in a dog GPS tracker if your dog doesn’t like wearing it. So make sure you think about the size and weight of the device as well as how it attaches to their collar. This is why when creating the PitPat GPS, we made making it lightweight one of our priorities. In fact, the PitPat GPS weighs just 30 grams and is small enough that most dogs won’t even notice it!

Is it compatible with your smartphone?

You’ll want to ensure the dog GPS tracker is compatible with your smartphone for seamless tracking and monitoring. So look for a device that has an app that can be used on both Apple and Android phones.

Ultimately by having a tracker like a PitPat GPS on your dog’s collar, you’ll know that wherever you go and whatever your pup gets up to, you’ll always be able to find them. And if there’s one thing that’s always worth it, it’s stress-free, fun-filled adventures with your dog. 

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