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Can you get a Dog GPS Tracker with no subscription?

Being able to find your dog when they run off, just by tapping a button – sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? 

But in fact, it’s a reality, and there are many very affordable options on the market.

But there’s a catch.

You’ve just bought a shiny new Dog GPS Tracker, go to set it up and then realise, with dismay, that you’re now being asked to pay a monthly subscription. And it’s often more than you paid for the device!

And the thing is, you’re tied into this subscription for as long as you want to be able to use your GPS tracker, regardless of whether the service is as spotty as your Dalmatian, or if your dog decides to use the device as a chew toy.

What’s worse, the cost of the subscription could go up every year, at the whim of the provider. They have you over a barrel. Stop paying, and you know that the next day you’ll need to find your dog.

Aha, you say, but I’ve thought of that. I’ll get an AirTag. There’s no subscription fee, it works on Bluetooth and it’s from Apple so it must be good. Right?

Well, it’s great if you lose your keys. Or your wallet. Or your phone. But it’s not going to do the job for your dog, because it’s not made for them. Plus, it works by communicating with nearby Apple devices, which isn’t much good if you’re out walking in the countryside. In fact, we put it to the test on a popular dog-walking route to see what happens.

So what are your options if you want a purpose-built dog GPS tracker, but don’t want to be tied into a costly subscription?

Enter PitPat GPS (you guessed we were going to say that didn’t you?)

We know one of the biggest frustrations with Dog GPS Trackers is the subscription. That’s why we decided early on that PitPat GPS would have no subscription.

But wait, who’s paying the network costs? Well, we are. We’ve costed it out and covered everything in the upfront price. And you’ll see we’re a little more expensive than our competitors, but you don’t need to pay any subscription or hidden costs to use it.

Worried about quality? Don’t be. We’re using the most up-to-date technology in PitPat GPS, enabling live tracking on-demand with broad coverage. 

And there’s no limitation on range – you could be in London and be able to see your dog’s location in Glasgow, (in case you ever need to check in with them when you’re holidaying).

There’s no catch. Other than actually catching your dog once you’ve located them (try PitPat Treats for that part!)

Get yours now and enjoy the peace of mind that you’ll not only be able to find your dog if they run off, but you won’t have to pay a monthly subscription to do so.

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