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Camping with your dog

Thinking about spending the night under the stars with your best buddy? Camping with your dog is not only fun but also a rewarding bonding experience for you and your dog.

Preparation is key to making sure your camping trip goes smoothly, so we’re here with our top tips and tricks to make your camping trip a good one.

Choose a dog friendly campsite. 

Some campsites don’t allow dogs, or only allow them on the lead. Finding a campsite that has secure boundaries and is dog friendly is a must. If leads are required, bring a longer lead or an extendable one to give them a bit of space to move around on for the time you’re spending at the campsite.

Invest in a good tent.

It goes without saying that the nicer your tent, the more comfortable you will be, and that goes for your dog as well. Make sure they’ve got space to stretch out – trying to cram into a tiny tent with one room is a recipe for disaster!

Help them get used to the tent

If your dog has never been in or around a tent, they may be wary of it. Help them get used to it by tempting them inside with tasty treats, a comfy bed, and familiar smells from home, like their own doggie blankets.

Keep them warm throughout the night

Temperatures can drop dramatically overnight, even in the summer, so always be prepared with plenty of warm and cosy blankets to keep your dog warm. Some campers purchase a sleeping bag just for their pal, or even have them snuggle in with them all night – great if you don’t mind waking up to dog breath!

Provide constant access to water

Just like at home, make sure your pooch has constant access to fresh water in their bowl, and that they know where to find it. 

Check ahead for dog-friendly pubs and restaurants

If you’re planning on eating out, rather than at the campsite, check ahead to see if the pubs and restaurants you’re heading to are dog friendly. You can’t leave your dog unattended inside a tent at a campsite so it’s essential that they can come with you for dinner.

Two Boxer Dogs wearing bandanas

Never leave your dog inside the tent alone

In the summer, your tent can get very hot, very quickly, so you should never leave your dog in there unattended. This goes for any types of weather – the fabric of modern tents doesn’t provide much of a challenge to a dog on a mission to escape, and you don’t want to come back to your dog running round the campsite stealing sausages from the other campers!

Make sure you’ve bought along everything you need

Your dog comes with a long list of items. Don’t forget their food and water bowls (and the food and water to go with it) bedding and blankets, towels, lead, collar, harness, poo bags and a canine first aid kit that includes a tick removal tool.

Know where the nearest emergency vet is

Hopefully you’ll never need to visit but knowing where the nearest emergency vet is could save your dog’s life. Do a quick online search beforehand and look for a vet with 24-hour services, just in case.

We bet you can’t wait to get into the great outdoors with your pooch by your side. Don’t forget to keep an eye on of all their activity with a PitPat dog activity monitor so you can make sure they get enough exercise, even on holiday.

Thinking about taking your pooch hiking whilst on holiday? Make sure you read our guide to hiking with your dog first!

Or perhaps you’re looking for a little more comfort than camping can offer? Check out our favourite dog friendly holidays to beaches, forests and more!

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