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Dog health and wellness

We’re all about keeping your dog healthy and happy – so we’ve got lots of useful content on helping them stay that way. Remember, always visit your vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s health.

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Brown puppy in a garden

Puppy teething: your survival guide

Just like humans, puppies go through teething as they lose their baby teeth to make way for their adult teeth….

15 April, 2020

Border Collie

Case Study: Recovering from an injury

I’m Gill, and this is my 10-year-old border collie, Bryn. Bryn loves to run. We’re lucky to live in the…

09 April, 2020

Border Collie outside

What should I do to treat and prevent fleas and worms?

There are a whole host of things out there that can disrupt your pup’s health but the most common and…

23 May, 2018

Alabama Rot in Dogs – Know your stuff

Alabama rot is a bit of a hot topic in the doggy world and definitely something to be aware of….

18 April, 2018

woman with dog

Dogs and ticks – what you need to know

We’ve all heard of ticks, and how our pooches are particularly susceptible to getting bitten as they bound through fields…

13 April, 2018