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Hall of Fame: Meet Louise, Weasel and Ferret

Weasel and Ferret are two well-behaved country boys, who love nothing more than a wander through the woods or a cross-country hike across fields. “Whilst Weasel tends to stay close to us when walking, Ferret is more adventurous and likes to investigate a wider area as we live in a rural location, often circumnavigating the local woods” says their owner Louise. “When Ferret first decided to go off, I was worried as he would vanish for a couple of minutes at a time. He’d always come back, but I found walks stressful”, she added.

“Since getting the PitPat GPS, I can see where Ferret is, and it actually brings a fun element to the walk, knowing exactly where he is and his favourite haunts that he thinks we don’t know about! It has given me a new insight into Ferret’s behaviour and just how much ground he covers. With the PitPat tracker on, I am reassured.”