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How much exercise does my West Highland Terrier need?

West Highland Terriers or ‘Westies’ as they are affectionately known, are spirited, friendly dogs who enjoy spending time with their humans. Like many terriers they have plenty of energy, and as such benefit from a varied and plentiful exercise routine, as they can be prone to mischief if they become bored.  But exactly how much exercise does a West Highland Terrier need?

How much exercise should I give my West Highland Terrier?

As with all breeds of dog the amount of exercise a Westie needs will be dependent on their age, weight and fitness level. While West Highland Terriers are not a large dog, they are often described as tireless when it comes to exercise, and if this energy is not managed successfully it can lead to destructive behaviour.

Fortunately ensuring they get the right amount of exercise is easy with the PitPat app. Simply download the app and enter your dog’s details to receive a tailored exercise goal based on their age and weight. For most healthy adult Westies this will be around 70 minutes a day and can be a combination of walking, running and playing.

How much exercise do West Highland Terrier puppies need?

West Highland Terrier puppies do not need as much exercise as adults, and care should be taken not to over-exercise them as their bones, muscles and joints will still be developing. Until they have had all their vaccinations they won’t be going outside at all, and even after they start to do so, it’s a good idea to use play as the primary form of exercise.

Of course, puppies are a bundle of energy and their movement will not just be reserved for play, so it’s a good idea to monitor all their daily activity to make sure they’re not doing more than they should. 

 The simplest and most effective way to do this is to use a PitPat Dog GPS Tracker which tracks their location and all their activity. Just pop the lightweight device on their collar and use our app to fetch their data each day to see how they’re doing. Then our tailored exercise goal will gradually adjust and increase as they grow.

White West Highland Terrier on a lead in a field wearing a PitPat GPS Tracker

What types of activities are good for West Highland Terriers?

Westies are intelligent dogs who love to problem solve, so as well as their daily walks, why not change up their routine with some of these fun activities?

  • Agility
  • Obedience training
  • Scent work
  • Flyball
  • Earth dog trials

Of course not all of these activities will be suitable for every West Highland Terrier, particularly young or senior dogs or those with health issues.  So if you fancy giving one of these a try, make sure to check in with your vet first.

How far can a West Highland Terrier run?

Running is something West Highland Terriers love to do and they can make great running companions. It’s important to build up their stamina and fitness level gradually, so start with shorter distances and slowly build up to those long distance runs. While running keep an eye on your pup for any signs that they might be overtired or in pain, and make sure to reduce their activity if this is the case.

Westies really do love exercise, so if you’re lucky enough to be one of their humans you can guarantee that you’ll be spending plenty of time exploring the world together.  Why not take PitPat along for the journey too and discover the fun, intelligent and affordable way to create a happy, healthy world for your dog.

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