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How much exercise does a Hungarian Vizsla need?

Hungarian Vizslas are one of the friendliest breeds you’ll come across. Their affectionate manner makes them perfect companions for work-from-homers. They can be quite a sensitive bunch, so reciprocation of that affection will definitely be needed back. But don’t worry, they’re a vocal breed, so if you’re not giving them enough attention they’ll let you know. 

How much exercise does a Hungarian Vizsla need? 

Hungarian Vizslas require lots of exercise, about 80 minutes in fact, so it’s a good idea to take them out a couple of times a day to help them burn off all that energy. Don’t forget that playing with your pup also counts towards their exercise goal!

It’s also important to make sure you schedule some rest time so they don’t become too tired or overstimulated. After all, who doesn’t feel better after a good sleep?

If you need a helping paw to get the balance just right, it’s time to PitPat up. We’ll give you an exercise goal tailored to your dog, and you’ll be able to monitor all their activity 24/7. Simple.

Vizsla wearing a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor sitting for treat

How much exercise does a Vizsla puppy need? 

Even as a puppy your Vizsla will have boundless energy. But it’s important to keep it in check to prevent overexercising, which could lead to joint and mobility issues down the line.

As a rule of thumb, aim to keep walks short – around 5 minutes for each month of their life. Whilst they’re young, walkies should be all about exploring the big wide world, rather than a march around the block.

As they edge closer to adolescence, the amount of exercise your Vizsla needs will increase. But by how much? With PitPat there’s no need to guess, just download our free app and it will automatically adjust your pup’s goal as they grow.

Vizsla running through field wearing a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

How much exercise does a senior Hungarian Vizsla need? 

 At this point in your dog’s life, it’s time to start thinking about shortening those walks.

As dogs get older they don’t need as much exercise as they did before, and you may notice them starting to slow down.

With Vizslas, a simple way of solving this would be to reduce the number of daily walks they do. Then when you are out walking, let your dog set the pace, and keep an eye out for signs that they are getting tired so you know when it’s time to head for home.

If you’re using a PitPat GPS or a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor, we’ll reduce their exercise goal as they enter their golden years, and you’ll be able to tell at a glance whether they’re doing less activity than before using the summary tab. Pawfect for keeping them in tip-top shape.

Vizsla sitting with paw up wearing a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

Best types of exercise for Hungarian Vizslas

Games of fetch – Fetch isn’t just a fun way to exercise, it can help to train your dog too. Vizslas are an intelligent breed meaning they can be very easy to train. Getting them to return after you’ve launched a ball for them to chase is a good way to practice recall. You can even go one paw further by adding commands like dropping and leaving into the exercise too. 

Nose games – Vizslas come from a hunting heritage, so games that require the use of their nose are perfect. Hiding treats around the house or even throwing some into the field as you’re on your daily walk is enough to get those noses working. 

Canicross – These pups just love to run, so why not get involved in canicross? Just tether your dog using a special harness and lead and get running. It’s great exercise for you both!

To start monitoring your Hungarian Vizsla’s exercise, grab a PitPat GPS or a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor. It’ll tell you exactly how much exercise they need and how much they’re doing every day so you’ll never have to guess again.

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