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13 Oct How to Create the Perfect Pup-friendly Garden

Having a dog shouldn’t mean that you can’t also grow a healthy, thriving garden. While our four-legged friends are especially curious in the yard and enjoy digging around, owners can create a garden space that accommodates dogs and all of their outdoor exploration. With a little research on the owners’ end, the garden can become a space that both you and your dog can enjoy together—without you having to worry about your plants being trampled or your flowerbeds being destroyed.

For pet owners looking to create a dog-friendly garden, here are some tips to consider:

  • Set up pathways for easy patrolling – Dogs love to patrol their yards, so why not use grass, wood, stones, or other gardening options to outline your garden and let your pet continue to protect his domain without ruining your plants?
  • Utilize fencing to keep dogs out of the especially fragile areas of the garden
  • Use vertical planters or hanging baskets to keep your dog from getting at the plants directly

In addition to these tips, there are many other design ideas for dog-friendly gardens that can keep both you and your dog happy outdoors in lieu of your flourishing garden.

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