Cost effective games to play with your dog

Here’s our pick of the perfect, and low cost, games to play with your dog indoors.

Clean up

Play is fun for us and dogs, but cleaning up is such a drag! Do not fear, it can be fun (and very cute) too! First teach your dog to pick up a toy and put it in a basket, while giving the command “put it away” or “tidy up”. Then scatter a few toys and work on putting a few toys in the basket. Once this is mastered you can make it even harder by spreading toys out in different rooms! The ultimate challenge is to teach your dog the names of toys. You say the command “tidy up teddy” or “tidy up squeaky” and they know their toys by name… It is achievable, we promise!

Forage boxes

Fill a cardboard box with scrunched up newspaper and scatter treats in it. It sounds really simple, but your dog can’t tell the difference between an expensive branded toy and some cardboard. They’ll love the noise it makes and the achievement of finding the treats.

Scent trail

Put your dog in a room while you lay the trial. Every few steps rub a toy or some food on the floor then hide it in another room. Release the hound and let them sniff it out!

Under, over and through

Mixing mental and physical exercises is great for dogs. Grab a kitchen chair or stool and teach them to crawl under and stay. Then get them to crawl all the way through, go around it and jump on it entirely. It will keep your dog’s brain engaged more than fetch but still works on balance and agility. Once they’ve mastered the commands, try stringing them together so they have to do a little sequence before getting rewarded.

Hidden treats

Make homemade toys by putting a few treats in an egg box or folding over the ends of an empty kitchen roll with some treats inside. Again, it may seem simple, but it’s always great to have a few games up your sleeve that aren’t going to cost the world!

Hide and seek

Make your dog sit and stay in a room or spot outside while you run off and hide somewhere. Call their name and watch as they frantically run around trying to find you, making sure to give them lots of praise when they do!