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Ways to keep fit with your dog

Summer is on its way, the evenings are getting lighter and as a result we’re all feeling that little bit more motivated to get fit and healthy. This is great news for our dogs because a fit owner means a fit pooch.

Springtime often means more adventurous walks, trips to the beach and more time playing in the garden – all of which benefit our fitness as well as our dog’s. If you’re looking for inspiration, then we’ve got you covered…

Give agility classes a go

A great way to have some fun and get fit at the same time is to join an agility class or even create some homemade obstacles for your dog in the garden. Agility courses are great fun for Fido because they are designed to fulfil the hunting and chasing instincts of your dog.

Don’t let anyone tell you that agility isn’t a workout for the owner as well. It can be really tiring but you’ll be so distracted having fun with your best pal that you won’t notice.

Sign up for a run with your dog

There are many great clubs you can join that organise regular running events for you and your dog. These events offer a great excuse to train with your best pal and they are usually shorter distances that are perfect for people who are new to running.

Check out the Muddy Dog Challenge – the UK’s first obstacle course where you can compete in 2.5km and 5km obstacle runs with your dog. You could also try Canicross – a proactive group of trail runners who love nothing more than running with their dogs. Canicross also offer lots of help with training, progress monitoring and general support for beginners.

Start or join a walking group

We believe exercise is better with furiends. Most dogs and their owners prefer walking with a pack to walking solo so why not start or join a dog walking group?

Walking (or running) with a friend or as a group is a great way to stay motivated and ensure you don’t get put off taking your dog out during those April showers! There is usually information about local dog walking groups on local community boards and Facebook pages.

Track your progress – it’s so rewarding!

If you’re unsure about how much exercise your specific breed or age of dog should be getting then PitPat is a great way to get peace of mind.

Use PitPat to stay connected to your dog and track their activity stats from your phone – it’s also a great distraction if you’re not quite ready to focus on your own exercise regime!