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What should I do with my dog when I’m away?

Heading off on holiday but want to make sure your dog gets the best care whilst you’re away? Find out why pet sitting is the best option.

Importing puppies and dogs to the UK: what you need to know

Since the UK went into lockdown in March 2020 demand …

Pet passports after Brexit

If you’re considering taking your dog on holiday with you …

Grooming your puppy

Grooming your puppy is an essential part of their routine, and whether you take your pup to a professional or maintain them at home, it’s best to make it a stress-free experience. Here is our guide to grooming your puppy.

How to choose a dog trainer

There’s a lot of different methods when it comes to dog training, so choosing a trainer who is right for you and your dog is important. Here’s our guide to picking a dog trainer.

Surviving puppy adolescence

At around six months old your puppy enters adolescence. In this tricky stage they go through lots of changes, physical and mental. Here’s how to help them thrive during this time as they grow up.

Puppy socialisation and habituation

Socialisation and habituation are important parts of your puppy’s development. Here’s how to make sure they get great early experiences that build their confidence.

Buying a puppy during lockdown

Buying a puppy during lockdown is a big decision, and not one that should be taken lightly. If you’re on lockdown, it could affect the normal puppy buying process – find out more in this guide.

How to have a relaxing Christmas with your dog

Make sure your Christmas is a fun one with our top tips for keeping your dog relaxed and calm throughout the season.

Dogs Trust change the tale for dogs in need

Find out how Dogs Trust are changing the tale for dogs in need and how you can support them by buying a PitPat dog activity monitor.