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The best Christmas gifts for dogs 2023

Whatever your 2021 has been like, we bet that throughout it all, your dog has been by your side, offering you their companionship and attention.

This Christmas show them how much you love and appreciate them with these fantastic gifts just for your pup.

How much exercise does a German Shepherd need?

Making sure your German Shepherd gets plenty of exercise – and mental stimulation for that matter – is really important for keeping them healthy and happy. Find out just how much they need.

How much exercise does my West Highland Terrier need?

The spirited Westie is an energetic little dog who loves to spend time walking, playing and running with their favourite person – you! Find out just how much exercise they need.

Is my dog overweight?

Keeping your dog at a healthy weight is so important for their wellbeing – but how can you check whether your dog is overweight, and what can you do about it if they are? Find out how the PitPat app can help.

How much exercise does my Border Terrier need?

The sweet-natured Border Terrier is a dog who needs plenty of exercise – find out just how much they need in this article.

Case Study: Recovering from elbow dysplasia

When Otis was just six months old, he was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. We spoke to Lucy to find out how PitPat has been an invaluable tool in Otis’ recovery and general health and wellbeing.

How many calories does my dog need?

Is your dog getting the right amount of food? Find out how to check how many calories they’ve burned and how to adjust their diet to suit.

Dog Pilates: Everything you need to know

Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise that can help strengthen our muscles all over our body, improve flexibility and alleviate stress. But did you know that dogs can benefit from it too? It helps to balance and strengthen their body and it’s a great activity for you to enjoy together.

The best small dog breeds

They may be little, but they’ve sure got big personalities. And their personalities are as varied as their appearances. From feisty Fox Terriers to pampered Pomeranians, there’s a small dog out there to steal your heart.

Fireworks and your dog: our top tips

Fireworks might be unavoidable in autumn, but there are plenty of things you can do to help your dog cope with them. Read our top tips here.