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Taking your dog swimming: what you need to know

Swimming is a fantastic exercise for your dog. Before you take them out swimming there’s a few things you need to consider – here are our top tips.

What you need to know about your dog’s sleep

Ever wondered how much sleep your dog should be getting, or exactly what they are dreaming when their feet are twitching? We’ve decoded some of the mysteries of doggy sleep and how you can keep track of your pooch’s sleep routine using PitPat.

Case Study: Using PitPat to help monitor seizures

When Olive was diagnosed with epilepsy, her owners realised that they could use PitPat to help monitor her nighttime seizures. Find out how they used it in this case study.

What should I feed my dog?

Ever wondered if your dog is getting just the right amount of food?

How about whether you’re feeding them the best diet?

Find out in this article all about feeding your pup.

Things to check before buying a puppy

Thinking about buying a puppy? Before you do, make sure you know all the right questions to ask and things to look for. Here are our top tips.

How to introduce your dog to your baby

Bringing your new baby home for the first time is exciting, but your dog may be confused. To make the introduction a relaxed and safe experience, you need to start training early.

How to exercise your dog in the summer

Your dog needs their daily exercise, even when the weather is hot outside. Find out how to exercise your dog in the summer without risking their health.

10 dog breeds that need moderate exercise

Looking for a dog that can join you on the occasional long walk, but doesn’t need hours of exercise every day? These dog breeds all need moderate amounts of exercise, making them pawfect for all sorts of people.

10 of the most active dog breeds

Got energy to burn? These dogs breeds are amongst the most active out there, and they’ll need plenty of exercise. So if you’re the active type and want a furry buddy to accompany you, these breeds will be pawfect!

Case study: PitPat and my puppy

Hi I’m Sophie and this is my dog Sunny, she’s a crazy Cockapoo with boundless energy and a genuine love for all creatures great and small. Sunny is probably one of the luckiest pups you’ll ever meet because she’s one of the PitPat office dogs.