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How much exercise does a Lurcher need?

Lurchers come in all shapes and sizes but one things for sure, these pups are usually smart, energetic, and fast. But how much exercise do they need?

Can dogs eat human food?

Whether your dog is the type of pup who gets their own Sunday roast or just the occasional scrap from the table, sharing our dog with our dogs is nothing new.

But is human food good or bad for your dog? Well, it depends.

Top tips for taking your dog on holiday

Thinking about taking your dog on holiday? Here are our top tips to help make sure you both have a relaxing, stress-free break.

Can you get a GPS implant for dogs?

Ever wondered if you can get a GPS implant for your dog? Find out whether GPS implants exist and what alternatives are out there.

Dog theft: 10 simple tips to stay safe

Worried about dog theft? Read our 10 simple tips to stay safe with your dog, from varying your walks to supervising them in the garden.

Raw food diets for dogs: the pros and cons

Is a raw food diet right for your dog? We’ve delved into the science to help you figure out what is best for you pup.

Grain-free dog food: the pros and cons

Is grain-free dog food right for your pup? Find out all the pros and cons of feeding a grain-free diet to your dog here.

How much exercise does a Cavapoo need?

It’s no surprise that Cavapoos are one of the UK’s favourite crossbreeds, but how much exercise do they need? Find out in this post.

When will my Cockapoo calm down?

You’ve just got your Cockapoo, but they don’t seem to be settling? Find out when they’ll calm down and how manage them in the meantime.

Can I use an AirTag to track my dog?

AirTags seem perfect for tracking your dog, right? Sadly, no. We conducted a test to see how effective they are. Find out what happened here.