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Adopting a dog during lockdown

Adopting a dog is a great idea if you’re looking to give a stable and loving home to a pooch that may not have had the best start in life. With lockdown measures, rescue centres are still rehoming dogs – find out how to apply here.

Can you put a Fitbit on a dog?

Ever tried putting your fitness tracker on a dog? If so, you probably got slightly odd results – after all it’s made for a human, not a four legged dog! Find out why our made-for-dogs activity monitor is a better option.

Can you over exercise a dog?

Exercise is so important for your dog’s health and behaviour, but can they do too much? We discuss the implications of over exercising your dog and how to avoid it.

Puppy teething: your survival guide

Is your puppy teething? To save your furniture, shoes and anything else they can get their mouth around, follow our survival guide.

Preparing your dog for life after lockdown

Is your pooch ready for life after lockdown? As you adapt to the new normal, spare a thought for your dog – here are our top tips to helping them adjust to their new routines.