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Case Study: Building fitness after being rescued

When Juno was rescued, she needed to build up her levels of fitness. Find out how her owners used PitPat to track her progress and get her in good shape for agility classes.

Case study: Juggling medication with lifestyle

When Tolly put on weight following treatment for Meningitis, his owner Richard decided to use a PitPat to help him shed the pounds. find out how they used PitPat with a strict metabolic diet to smash Tollys weight loss targets.

Case Study: Struggles with an underweight dog

When Lily the English Pointer started losing weight alarmingly quickly, her owner Helen realised she could use Lily’s PitPat to monitor her activity levels and adjust her diet accordingly. Find out how they got on in this case study.

Case Study: Recovering from an injury

When Bryn sprained his ankle his owner Gill knew that she would have to limit the amount of running he did on his walks to help him recover. Find out how she used PitPat to get him fit again in no time.

Case Study: Using PitPat to monitor seizures

When Olive was diagnosed with epilepsy, her owners realised that they could use PitPat to help monitor her nighttime seizures. Find out how they used it in this case study.

Best dog breeds with low prey drive

Looking to get a dog and want to make sure is one with a low prey drive? Or maybe you’re finding out if your dog has a low prey drive? Find out the breeds with the lowest prey drive here

How much exercise does an English Setter need?

English Setters are an energy-filled, affectionate bunch. But how much exercise do they actually need to stay happy and healthy?

How much exercise does a Bullmastiff need?

Bullmastiff’s are a low maintenance breed, who love a bit of affection. But how much exercise do they need to stay fit & healthy?

Everything you need to know about Flyball

Want a new way to exercise your dog and build a stronger bond too? Find out everything you need to know about Flyball here.

How much exercise does a Pointer need?

Pointers are the perfect family dog, but they have a lot of energy to go with it. So how much exercise do they need to keep them happy and healthy?