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How much exercise does a French Bulldog need?

An insight into how much exercise your French Bulldog puppy, adult, senior you need day by day

Puppy Blues: How to cope when things go wrong

Feeling down after getting a puppy? It’s normal, and surmountable. We talked to Becky Baker at K9 Nation to find her tips for getting through the puppy blues.

The best dog walks in London 2021

Live in London, or just visiting with your pup? Here are the very best dog walking spots in the capital.

How much exercise does a Sprocker Spaniel need?

An insight into how much exercise your puppy, adult, and senior Sprocker Spaniel needs

How much exercise does a Hungarian Vizsla need?

An insight into how much exercise a a Vizsla, puppy, adult and senior need per day.

Is my dog happy?

An insight into what signals your dog is trying to give you to let you know whether they’re happy or unhappy.

K9 Clean Up

An insight into the partnership between PitPat & K9 Nation, and their campaign, the K9 Clean Up.

What is ‘Ash’ in dog food?

A detailed article into why ash is an ingredient in dog food.

Cockapoo puppy checklist

Got a new furry arrival? Here’s a checklist of all the things you could possibly need for the arrival of your Cockapoo puppy.

Best dog treats for training

Small in size, super tasty and perfect for those on-the-go training sessions. These are our favourite dog treats for training!